130-Plus Content Marketing Ideas For 2012: Part 2 of 4


Earlier this week, we began a four-part series on content marketing ideas for 2012. Here is Part 2, which continues the listing of ideas for filling your website or blog with great content throughout the upcoming year. To see the first group of ideas, visit Part 1 of this series zyban reviews .

Here are ideas #22 through #43 for buy prazosin content marketing for your website or blog in 2012.

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22.Ai?? Answer Questions ai??i?? Invite customers to submit their questions and make a regular feature of answering them. This could be done on a blog post over an hour every Tuesday lunchtime for example or gathered over time and then posted as one big feature.

23.Ai?? Day in the LifeAi?? ai??i??Ai?? Get a member of the staff from a different department each week to write a blog post of a day in their life. This gives customers a glimpse behind the scenes of your organization.

24.Ai?? In Development ai??i?? Similar to Number 23 but rather than focus on a role, focus on a product. Chart its journey from component materials through production, testing, packaging to shipping.

25.Ai?? Create an eBook From Your Content ai??i?? Blog posts, white papers or articles can easily be compiled into an eBook. Not only is the eBook itself a new content piece but you can announce its publication and availability with a press release or blog post.

26.Ai?? Guest Bloggers ai??i?? Write a blog post inviting other bloggers to contribute to your site. If they can pick their own topics, youai??i??ll not only get fresh new content but also a different perspective without having to source even more blog posts themes.

27.Ai?? Jargon Buster ai??i?? In any industry there are technical terms and insider references than may be alien to the new customer. Write them down and define them in a jargon buster article.

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28.Ai?? Step-by-Step Demonstration ai??i?? Show a customer or reader how to do something step by step by explain with words, pictures or even video. This could be something as simple as assembling one of your products.

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29.Ai?? Guided Tour ai??i?? Get a cheap digital video camera and compile a guided tour of your place of business. Write a transcript to go with the video when you post.

30.Ai?? Go Green ai??i?? Set out your commitment to reducing your businessai??i?? carbon footprint, whether thatai??i??s switching to recycled printer paper or using chemical free cleaning products. Write a news item on your targets and how youai??i??ll work towards being a greener company.

31.Ai?? Interviews ai??i?? Interview other experts in your field, partner companies, developers, techies. Anyone with an insight or differing opinion on what makes your industry tick makes for an interesting subject.

32.Ai?? Recommendation ai??i?? buy Sublingual Viagra, generic lioresal. Write a blog post recommending your top 5 products, including personal experiences and reviews.

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33.Ai?? Write a Review ai??i?? Write a review or invite others to review your products or services.

34.Ai?? Misconceptions ai??i?? Write a blog post on common misconceptions about your industry and then put them right.

35.Ai?? Relate your content to an event or personality in the news – An example might be ai???How the Olympics Can Help Create Team Spirit.ai??i??

36.Ai?? Hold Your Own Event ai??i?? Report on an event you hold in your office. Examples include a press launch or an open day at your place of business.

37.Ai?? Create a Podcast ai??i?? Add another level to your content by creating a podcast rather than a blog post (be sure to write up a transcript though).

38.Ai?? Go Mobile ai??i?? Launch a mobile site. You can build up to the grand unveiling with a series of formal news releases and more informal blog posts until launch day.

39.Ai?? Links Roundup ai??i?? Offer a weekly or monthly round up of links to interesting stories or blog posts relevant to your niche.

40.Ai?? Slides ai??i?? Have slide shows from previous conferences or client presentations? Bring them up to date and then share as a blog post.

41.Ai?? Videos ai??i?? Create a motivational video and post it to YouTube and your blog.

42.Ai?? Facebook Poll ai??i?? Ask a pressing question on Facebook using the free poll tool and then share the results on your site with a screenshot of the results.

43.Ai?? Case Study ai??i?? Do a case study with a client on their problems or need before they came to do business with you, the approach you used or the products provided, and the difference theyai??i??ve noticed. Include actual numbers showing the improvements if at all possible.

Part 3 of this Red Viagra buy series will appear next week.



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  1. Thanks for the great list of ideas for content. As someone who manages several blogs, coming up with new ideas to write content can sometimes be challenging. So any article like that sparks ideas for writing is great!

  2. Answering questions is a great idea because it focuses on content that target audience members will find useful. Reach out to social media followers and ask them what they'd like to know. They are a captive audience and it's important to take advantage of those connections.