130-Plus Content Marketing Ideas For 2012 – Part 3 of 4

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Last week, we began a four-part series on content marketing ideas for 2012. Here is Part 3, which continues the listing of ideas for filling your website or blog with great content throughout the upcoming year. To see the first two groups of ideas, visit Part 1 of this series and buy generic alegra d, buy generic alegra d, buy generic alegra d, buy generic alegra d, buy generic alegra d, buy generic alegra d. Part 2.

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Here are ideas #44 through buy lisinopril #85 for content marketing for your website or blog in 2012.

44.Ai?? Interview a Customer ai??i?? less formal that No. 43, interview a customer large or small.

45.Ai?? Compare and Contrast ai??i?? do a save versus splurge type piece, comparing two different products at opposite ends of the budget scale and discuss their contrasting benefits, advantages and disadvantages.

46.Ai?? Mission Statement ai??i?? order Sertraline Talk the reader through your companyai??i??s mission statement, always relating it to them and the benefit that it will deliver for them.

47.Ai?? New Partnerships ai??i?? Are you changing to a local distribution company? Or placed a large order for this yearai??i??s catalogues with a local printer? Highlight your local connections and new partnerships in a news release or blog post.

48.Ai?? Respond to a Blog Post ai??i?? Found a blog post from a commentator or expert that you donai??i??t agree with? Write a response taking the opposing stance.

49.Ai?? Legislation ai??i?? Write a detailed article on the legislation governing your industry, product or service.

50.Ai?? Did You Know ai??i?? Share a little known fact about your company each day. This can delve deeper into the history you have on the site in your company profile such as the year the company was formed or any notable growth periods.


51.Ai?? Annual Report ai??i?? Share your companyai??i??s annual report.

52.Ai?? Celebrity ai??i?? Get a local celebrity or well-known face to film a short video about your business or using one of your products.

53.Ai?? Vouchers ai??i?? Create a discount voucher and share it on your blog.

54.Ai?? Loyalty Scheme - Introduce a loyalty scheme and write a PR to announce its launch, followed by a second detailed blog post on joining and benefits.

55.Ai?? Milestone ai??i?? Reached a milestone such as 1000 likes on Facebook or 1000 Twitter followers? Blog your achievement.

56.Ai?? Want To Reach a Milestone ai??i?? Would you like to reach 1000 likes on Facebook or Twitter? Write a post encouraging clients and readers to follow you on the social network.

57.Ai?? Advantages of Buying Online ai??i?? Reiterate the advantages of using your site rather than going to a mall.

58.Ai?? New Catalog ai??i?? Publishing a new catalog? Blog its publication and invite readers to request a copy.

59.Ai?? History ai??i?? Delve into the archives with a detailed piece on the history of the company, including landmark achievements and old pictures if available. This could be done to coincide with an anniversary such as a decade in business or 100 years in the same location.

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60.Ai?? Google Trends ai??i?? Delve into Googleai??i??s search trends using Search Insight and pick up on any notable differences or increased use of new search terms. Blog your thoughts and reactions.

61.Ai?? Site Revamp ai??i?? Are you upgrading your servers or investing in better hosting? Do you have a new shopping cart or new one click to pay system? Be sure to let everyone know how youai??i??re planning on making their experiences with you even better.

62.Ai?? Change In Opening/Closing Hours ai??i?? Will you be open longer for seasonal events such as the run up to the holidays? Blog it so people know they can stay connected and have more time to shop.

63.Ai?? Awards ai??i?? Put your site and business forward for as many local, national and industry-specific awards as possible. If youai??i??ve been nominated for an honor, share your achievement with a news release circulated to relevant press.

64.Ai?? Keyword Questions ai??i?? Use WordTrackerai??i??s Keyword Questions tool. Make each question the subject of a blog post, including a useful answer.

65.Ai?? Brochures ai??i?? Post your product brochures or assembly guides as PDFs on the site.

66.Ai?? Newsletters ai??i?? Archive past e-newsletters and invite new subscribers to sign up.

67.Ai?? Team Challenge ai??i?? Set your employees the challenge of competing in a local marathon or sponsored bike ride or soccer match and chart their progress from preparation to completion.

68.Ai?? Donations ai??i?? Donate your time, services or expertise to a worthy cause. Take photos, videos and write a blog or article on your experiences.

69.Ai?? Training ai??i?? Sending your staff on a training course? Offering language lessons during lunch times? Announce your investment in staff with a press release or blog. You can follow this up with images or videos taking during the training sessions themselves.

70.Ai?? Team Building ai??i?? Organize a team building day and blog your experiences and the benefit the renewed team bonds will have for clients.

71.Ai?? Response Times ai??i?? estrace without prescription Track customer service response times or set customer service targets and share via a formal corporate press release. For example, ai??? (company name) announces 97% satisfaction rateai??i?? or ai???(company name) improves customer response time by 20%.ai??i??

72.Ai?? Third Party Data ai??i?? Even if you donai??i??t have access to your own data, there are lots of reputable sources for statistics that you can use to create infographics or share interesting numbers with.

73.Ai?? Create An App Or Widget ai??i?? Create an app or widget for your website users or customers. This can spark several press releases and blog posts, from the initial announcement through development and launch, to feedback when itai??i??s been live a few weeks to milestone number of downloads.

74.Ai?? Calendar ai??i?? Create a calendar of events. You can invite website visitors to submit their events to reduce your own workload.

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75.Ai?? Customer Pictures ai??i?? Invite your clients to send in images or video of your products in use and then post the best on your site.

76.Ai?? Start a Debate ai??i?? Take an issue of the day, give your viewpoint and then invite comments from others, both supporters and opposes.

77.Ai?? Write an A to Z – Choose a subject such as technical terms related to your industry.

78.Ai?? Write a Book Review ai??i?? Choose a book to review that`s a new title related to your field.

79.Ai?? Production Process ai??i?? Write an article on a particular production process, being as technical as you want.

80.Ai?? Associations and Societies ai??i?? If youai??i??re joining a trade body or business association, announce your membership and the benefits with a press release.

81.Ai?? In the Press ai??i?? have your products been featured in local, national or trade press? Create a ai???In The Pressai??i?? section on the site or schedule a regular blog post. Many celebs do this by compiling their press clippings from the week or month and then posting the images.

82.Ai?? Quiz of the Year ai??i?? You see quizzes of the year everywhere in December. Why not create your own with questions tailored to main business events of the last 12 months and product info?

83.Ai?? Client Cocktail Party ai??i?? Hold a party for your clients. Take pictures at the event, upload pictures of the invitation and the location.

84.Ai?? Awards ai??i?? Have your own awards ceremony to coincide with the Oscars. You could even create categories and have customers submit their nominations. They can be as serious or fun as you want.

85.Ai?? Social Mentions ai??i?? Have you been cited on a blog post or referred to by a celebrity or notable twitter user? Share the news on your blog.

The final part of Viagra Super Active without prescription this series will appear in a couple of days.


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