20 Bookmarking Sites You Need To Know About


Bookmarkinga��s positive effects for search marketers should not be in any doubt. An intrinsic part of any Web 2.0 campaign, a good bookmarking strategy will drive relevant, interested and targeted traffic to your website. Whata��s more bookmarks are links too, which means youa��ll also inherit some PageRank goodwill. Interestingly, this still applies even if the a�?NoFollowa�� attribute is brought in to play as the tags and categories used to sort bookmarking sites are a huge source of valuable information for search engines.

Whether ita��s a Sphinn, a digg or a StumbleUpon, a bookmark and its associated comments and codes posted by users can be likened to a vote of confidence for the page in question. The more votes a page has the doxycyclin cheapest more valuable it is seen to be and the more a search engine will sit up and take notice.

For very new sites, an extensive bookmarking campaign is also a secondary route into the search engine indexes. Again, there are similarities with valtrex reviews link function as a bookmark paves the way for search engine spiders to enter into a site they have not previously indexed.

With the more bookmarks you can collect seemingly having a direct impact on the perceived quality of the site in the eyes of the search engines, consider buy motilium adding these bookmarking tools to your marketing mixa��

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1. Blinklist: a�?Blinka�� your favorite sites and create your own a�?blinklista��. This mini site collates all of your favorite online destinations with simple tools to sort, describe and search through saved sites. Participate in the online community to establish not just your site but other web properties such as your company pod casts, videos and blogs as respected resources.

2. Faves (formerly Blue Dot): Save web pages, multimedia content and news items and share with the wider community. As seen in Information Week, The Wall Street Journal and The Observer. The Active Topic Groups tool is a great barometer of current interest and can be used as an indicator of the kinds of pages you should be bookmarking on your own site to draw the most interested traffic.

3. ClipClip: Cut, copy and paste the best bits of the web. Great for sharing multimedia content such as images and video. Pitched as an online scrap book, this is a unique take on bookmarking and a great tool if you have a particularly visual product.

4. CiteuLink: Academic in nature, use this bookmark facility to store white papers. If your company commissions research or surveys, CiteuLike can be used to share the findings with like minded individuals and built a cerebral buzz.

5. ClaimID: Every thought your true persona has somehow been missed by the world at large? This site allows you to manage your online identity or that of your business by collecting together any web page that mentions your name in one central spot.

6. Content Pop: A collection of online communities created and voted on by users. Can be used to position your product offerings within niche interest groups.

7. De.liro.us: Cutting the web down to size this bookmarking site is part of a larger effort to create a local search engine for every US zip code. Great for particularly localized offerings such as coffee shops, bars and restaurants.

8. Delicious: one of the original bookmarking sites and still one of the best. Owned by Yahoo this is essential link fodder for any business. Allows you to categorize and share web pages across any number of interest categories. Many sites have reported increased search engine rankings and huge leaps in traffic as a result of considered Delicious use. Keep in mind good practice tagging and descriptions for the best results.

9. Diigo: Acting as a virtual highlighter, this site acts as both a research tool and knowledge sharing community. Again, this is particularly appropriate for those businesses with factual knowledge to share.

10. Digg: A hugely powerful tool with massive traffic driving capabilities. Most suited to technology related sites and stories.

11. Folkd: Website and browser extension tool billed as a social web service to enrich your surf experience. Pulls together recommendations, observations, tags and comments and connects them to web pages and topics. Use with individual web pages, news items, videos and blogs.

12. Furl: Extremely popular site capable of driving a lot of organic traffic through its hot topic picks. Has many uses with bookmarks organized into lists. Great for comparison shopping.

13. GetBoo: An open source social and private bookmarking project.

14. ListerLister: A social list building community where you can create, add to, and vote for both lists and the items added to them. Uses collective intelligence of members to share favorite products, places and pages.

15. Mister Wong: With portals in six languages and more than 4 million visitors per month, Mister Wong knows a thing or two about social bookmarking. Organized into sections like a�?videoa��, a�?arta�� and a�?businessa��.

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16. Mixx: Mixx your own web blend with this increasingly powerful bookmarking site. News, Business and Local categories can be used to drive traffic to your site.

17. Multiply: Over 11 million people are members of this social bookmarking site which calls itself secure and family friendly. Share all manner of media via personalized web pages.

18. Netvouz: Public and private bookmarks following a tried and tested formula with favorites organized into folders and tagged by keyword.

19. PlugIM: A user driven internet marketing community. Submit content, share articles, comment on projects and promote your favorites to the front page.

20. Simpy: Social bookmarking service that lets you save, tag, search and share your bookmarks, notes, groups.


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  1. Hi This really interesting Article. I was not aware of this. Thanks for your 20 Bookmarking Sites You Need To Know About Article.

  2. HI Rebecca, Great insights. I've been using some sites from your list and some are new for me. Keep writing..

  3. Great article. I hadn't considered the value of no-follow links on bookmarking sites before, and there are a few sites on this list that are new to me. Very useful information. Thanks!

  4. Good one. Thanks some of them were new to me.

  5. Awesome list Rebecca! Looks like Diigo just bought up Furl and integrated everything yesterday.

  6. I have been using a majority of these sites already and they have proven to be truly beneficial to improving ranking as well as traffic to my sites. This is an excellently written article with a wealth of knowledge.

  7. Smack MacDougal

    Bookmarking is dead whether in the browser, through a social bookmarking site like del.ico.us, blinklist, magnolia; or through an external repository like Google bookmarks or Opera bookmarks sync. Even Diigo stands at risk since the product is nothing more than an enhanced delicious. The future belongs to SimplyBox, iLighter, and those in the future who catch on by combining virtual clipping with tagging. Sure, many who have emotional investment in the likes of delicious shall stick with it, the same as old folks who continue to subscribe to the local newspaper.

  8. Hi! good collection of bookmarking sites. I mostly use blinlist, Delisious, Foldk and faves. thanks for listing all other sites.