3 Ways That Company News Can Help Your SEO Efforts

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If something newsworthy is going on in your company, itai??i??s important to get the word out for two reasons. First, how is anybody going to know if you donai??i??t tell them?Ai?? Second, company news can help your SEO.Ai?? Many businesses seem to over think it and believe that only big news like a merger with a well known company or the launch of a new product thatai??i??s going to change the world is worth sharing.Ai?? Really, buy cialis anything ai???newai??? is newsworthy and should be shared with your target audience.Ai?? Did you recently hire a new employee?Ai?? Move to a new office location?Ai?? Sponsor an event?Ai?? Each of these events can help improve your SEO efforts.

So, how can hiring a new sales team member 33 drugs. or attending an industry tradeshow help your SEO?Ai?? While the new hire or event wonai??i??t help SEO directly, a press release covering the topic will.Ai?? Hereai??i??s how:

1. Ai??Builds Link Portfolio

The only way to get your press release seen by target audience members, and the search engines, is by submitting it to a press release distribution site.Ai?? Once the release has been published, it will get picked up by third-party sites which will build links.Ai?? Obviously, some sites are better than others.Ai?? The more high quality, relevant sites that pick up the release, the better it is for SEO purposes since links from high quality sites are weighed more heavily by the search engines than links from other sites.Ai?? Getting a press release published online also provides social linking opportunities.Ai?? If the content is relevant to their interests, social followers will share and retweet the content.Ai?? These generic estrace buy baclofen online without prescription, purchase Zoloft. ai???social signalsai??? play an increasingly important role in search engine rankings.

2. Ai??Creates Anchor Text cheap cialis in usa, cheap cialis in usa, cheap cialis in usa, cheap cialis in usa, cheap cialis in usa, cheap cialis in usa. buy fildena online

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Keyword rich anchor text links are important because they tell the search engine spiders that are crawling the web from link to link what the content on that linked page is all about.Ai?? Itai??i??s important to vary these anchor text links across all content that is published on the web.Ai?? Paid press release prednisone without prescription services generally allow for anchor text links and a good rule of thumb is to only include one per every one hundred words of the release.

3. Ai??Builds Site Content

Many business websites do have a ai???Pressai??? page, but they donai??i??t use it to its full potential and only include links to all of the press releases that are located on third-party sites.Ai?? In order to get more out of a press release, why not create a unique version of each press release as a page of your site?Ai?? That way, it provides an opportunity to target keywords on the page, and these keywords can be different than the words that were targeted in the original release.Ai?? The search engines nolvadex online rank web pages, not websites as a whole, so a press release page is a great place to target some long tail keywords for search purposes.


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