4 Clever Natural Link Building Ideas


Link building is an art — and a necessary one for anyone with a blog or website and a desire to improve the rating of that site in the eyes of the mother ship, otherwise known as Google.

Natural links prove that your website is useful, informative, and interesting. They prove that other people think you produce great content. You might believe that the content you produce is cool, but when others share that sentiment, you stand a better chance at improving the rating of your website on Google.

Automated and bought links are not looked favorably upon. You wouldna��t dream of paying someone to stand outside of your store to tell everyone how great your products are, because you know that this kind of paid testimonial is unconvincing and, quite frankly, distasteful. Therefore, dona��t pay people to get links to your site. The result is just the same.

LinkingNatural links, which are born out of a real relationship generated through shared interests and appreciation online, are worth their weight in gold. The following four ideas are some of the cleverest ways in which to build links in a natural way. Takes notes and implement our ideas as soon as possible. You will be more than happy with the results.

1.A� Build a Team of Product Reviewers

Whatever your industry, finding bloggers (experienced bloggers who know a lot about the industry that they blog about) who will try out your products or services is one of the best ways in which to generate natural links back to your site.

You can offer your services or products to these bloggers for free and then ask them to publish a review about the products /services buy Antabuse online they try out on their sites. Within the review on the bloggera��s site will be a natural link back to your site and the products or services being highlighted (these single back links are standard practice) and your site will naturally attract more traffic and improve its rating on Google.

Dona��t forget to also scan the Internet regularly to see if you can find posts about your products / services already published by experienced industry bloggers. It might be that someone has buy prazosin already written about your product and given you a really good review.

In this instance, take the time to construct a very specific, personalized email to the owner of the site / blog and ask them if they wouldna��t mind linking back to your site. The worst they can do is say no, although if they have already given your product a great review it is doubtful that they will turn you down.

2.A� Images on Pinterest Make Link Building Fun and Easy

Did you know that Pinterest is now voted the third most popular social networking site behind Facebook and Twitter?

If you are shocked to hear this information, you are probably not alone. Pinterest is relatively new to the social networking world, but it has quietly managed to gain interest and credibility, which makes it the perfect place for link builders to hit home and increase purchase zyban their sitesa�� ratings on Google.

Pinterest is essential a social networking site which promotes and operates through image sharing. Therefore, if your website is heavy in images (if you are in the clothing, design, photography or food industries, for example), Pinterest is the best social networking site for you to start improving the quality and quantity of your incoming links.

In general, Internet users Viagra Soft without prescription love images. They are easy and fun to share. All it takes is a click and before you know it the images that you have shared via Pinterest will be found all over the Internet on blogs which have a natural link to the industry in which you work. You will be attracting interest, driving traffic, and improving your Google rating all at once when you really go to town on Pinterest — and this is why it is one of the best ways at present of creating natural links.

The only thing is that your activity and interest on fluoxetine buy online Pinterest needs to be genuine too. You need to make the effort every day to log on, share, and become part of the Pinterest community. This is the best way of ensuring that your link building strategies via this social networking site soar to the heights you hope they will soar to.

Make sure your profile is comprehensive and up-to-date at all times and the benefits of sharing your images via Pinterest will soon make themselves evident.

3.A� Legitimate Blog Networks

It is fair to say that blog networking sites such as BuildMyRank are not what you want to be associated with at present. These a�?mass-produceda�? blog networking sites have been de-indexed and some have been penalized by the likes of Google. However, this does not mean that all blog networking sites are off the map.

It is important for you to consider your niche. You might be an online marketing firm, for example, but your expert team might be marketing professionals who like to specialize in marketing to women. This will affect the kind of blog networking sites you choose to register with and be found on. BlogHer is a great blog networking site for anyone working directly with or for women and a very well-respected networking site in the eyes of Google.

If you can get linked on this site, not only will you be working on your link building needs, but you will be introducing your site to other bloggers with similar interests. You might find that useful professional relationships are formed naturally too.

If you offer online marketing advice to entrepreneurs and new start-ups, on the other hand, a fantastic blog networking site to be registered on is The important thing to remember is that networking on these sites is all about making credible and natural relationships which might then turn into incoming links too. The key is to keep everything natural and relaxed.

4.A� Testimonials

Think cipla products list. outside the box a little when it comes to testimonials and link building, because the strategy can go both ways.

For example, you might ask a client cheap tadalafil, buy zithromax. to write a testimonial about your product or service on their website so that you can get a link back to your site, but you might also want to offer to give a testimonial about someone elsea��s business in return for a link too.

Imagine that you work in the publishing industry and you generate a business relationship of some kind with a fellow publisher who perhaps publishes work in a slightly different field. If you believe that this publisher offers a good service, tell them so and offer to provide a testimonial about their services on their website. You can then get a link Female Viagra purchase back to your site in return for your good-natured gesture and everyone is happy.

People are always looking for other professionals to speak highly of what they do and offer, which is why this clever and natural link building idea is a guaranteed success.


So those are my four ideas. What other ideas or strategies do you have for natural link building that will work in today’s brave new world of linking?

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  1. David, These are great suggestions. I think the catch sometimes comes in differentiating which one of them are most effective for B2B vs. B2C, and also what type of B2B industry. I guess pictures are really "in", huh?

  2. Everyone would be happy if they do not need spend money and time to link buildings. But is not easy a group of blogger to write review regarding your's product. I believe you need to paid more in return to those bloggers who wrote reviews regarding your product if your product brand is not popular . Looking for suggestion.

  3. Good tips for a clean seo, is true pinterest is really fun, thanks for the information

  4. To be blunt, I'm not impressed with these "clever" tips. Pinterest is great for traffic but the links are nofollow and won't provide you any "juice" or ranking boost in Google. None. Second, you mention BlogHer as a blog network which is "highly respected" but has been running paid links and sponsored ads with networkds like TLA for years. So personally, this would NOT be a network you would necessarily want to be operating in unless you want to trigger an unnatural links notice. Finally, can you explain how you "register" on Entreprenuer Magazine's website? Because I don't see it. Sure, you can leave some NOFOLLOW comments as part of their Disqus comment system but come on, let's be honest, the chances of a "networking" opportunity arising from THAT are pretty remote.

  5. We've done all the ones listed above. The least time consuming and most rewarding has got to be pintrest, we have tons of links coming back from there and many are induced by customers, which is great :) One thing that is still considered highly effective and good for ranking is purchased links from a few good places, yahoo directory to mention one.

  6. Pinterest can be a load of fun and it is possible to use your photography hobby to aid your marketing. Set a few boards with some quirky photos to establish yourself then create a few boards relevant to your business and build in your links. It is a slow process but beneficial in the long run

  7. Pinterest is addictive! Infact I've just found you through a pin on my feeds there, I think it is far to open to abuse though & as such will lose weight soon

  8. Find your competitors which are doing better than you, find their backlinks (ibacklinkpro) and get them for your site. It's that easy.

  9. Yeah - great article here. Now we have 2013 and the aspects in link building are even more hard to figure out. What are u guys doing now?