4 Danger Signs: When To Say “No” To An SEO Prospect

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As an SEO firm that doesna��t specialize in any one particular niche, we see all different kinds of leads come in — B2B, B2C, large corporations, small startups, etc.A� You name it, wea��ve probably seen it.A� Obviously not every single lead that comes in is going to be a good match or what we are looking for in a client.A� Thata��s right, the service provider has the right to be picky too.A� We want to work with a client that we know that we buy clomid online cheap buy Hydroxyzine , clomid without prescription. will have a good working relationship with and that we know that we can get good results for.A� Not everybody fits into these categories. In fact, most potential clients dona��t.A� Thata��s why ita��s so important to ask the right questions during the sales process in order to really get a feel for what would be in store once the prospect signed on the dotted line and became a full service client.

After years of experience, wea��ve canadianonlinepharmacies. found that ita��s best to avoid SEO prospects that have the following issues:

1.A� No website

Since SEO is the process of making changes to a website and building inbound links to establish search engine trust and improve traffic, you cana��t really a�?doa�? any SEO without a website.A� Ita��s always shocking to see the number of leads that come in from people that Female Viagra online are still in the process of getting their website up and running.A� Ita��s certainly a smart idea to get some SEO input before the site is launched, but what you are really looking for in that case is SEO consulting instead of full service SEO.A� Without a website up and running you wona��t be able to take advantage of full service SEO so there is no need to pay for it.

2.A� A brand-new website

Because one of the most significant ranking factors for SEO is the trust of a website which is partially conveyed by the domain age of the website, full service SEO firms tend to stay away from brand new websites.A� It will take a new site much longer to see any kind of SEO result than a site that has existed for years but just never did any SEO.A� Instead of looking for a full service SEO firm, a new website owner should start small and do some SEO on their own by working with a consultant or attending an SEO workshop.A� Once the site has aged and gained some initial SEO momentum it is better suited for the work of a full service firm.

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3.A� No other marketing efforts

When it comes to marketing a business you never want to put all of your eggs in one basket and lioresal without prescription SEO should never be the only way that a business markets its website.A� SEO should be one part of a well-rounded integrated strategy.A� The SEO industry and search engine algorithms are always changing and ita��s too risky to rely only on SEO to improve visibility and generate revenue.A� SEO is a long term strategy that needs to be supported by other marketing methods.

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4.A� No internal organization

A business needs to be organized and designate a point person to work directly with the SEO firm.A� An SEO client cana��t sign a contract and then disappear.A� The client remains an integral part of the process and is responsible for keeping the SEO company informed about whata��s going on in the business and providing crucial buy bentyl information.A� If the SEO firm is passed from person to person ita��s difficult to get anything accomplished.

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