4 Reasons Why You Should Write An Ebook

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Writing a book is a secret dream for many, but the sheer enormity of the task can be off-putting, let alone contemplating the brain power needed dapoxetine without prescription buy malegra to think of an interesting storyline or topic and the discipline required to sit down to write a lengthy tome. Most of us are also put off by the thought of how our efforts will be received. If youa��ve secretly always considered yourself to be a wordsmith or enjoy the thought of being a published author, why not give your online marketing a boost at the same time and write an ebook instead?

Although they have been around for several years, ebooks are a relatively under-used online marketing tool with few businesses having the time or inclination to pen such a large amount of text. However, the task may not be as momentous as youa��d think and there are lots of generic lioresal benefits to be had…

1.A� Credibility

Being a published author with a book to your name implies that you know a great deal about the topic buy provigil online at hand. Ebooks are a perfect vehicle for in-depth tutorials and how-to type processes, as well as being a suitable platform for more detailed technical and analytical discussions. Writing a book therefore suggests that you are well versed in your subject area.

Sticking to a topic related to your industry lends added where to buy nizoral. credibility to your online marketing efforts and being able to cite a published work on your website as testament to your knowledge is a very strong reputation management and brand building tool.

2.A� Authority

In much the same way that article marketing and blogging can help to establish a company figurehead as an expert in their field, being the author of an ebook can also add authority to your online presence. This authority will naturally lend itself to a stronger sales position and will often lead to other marketing opportunities, as journalists and publications tend to seek out experts generic dapoxetine, generic lioresal. and recognized authorities for quotes and comment.

3.A� Links

An ebook is Viagra Super Active cheap an even more powerful tool than a great article or a a�?hold the front pagea�� press release when it comes to attracting backlinks. If you make your ebook available to relevant industry websites, you are almost guaranteed a number of highly relevant links back to your website.

4.A� Depth of Content

When writing an article for online distribution or writing a PR release to send out for backlink building, ita��s common to keep the word count fairly low. Although you may succumb to a few longer pieces of text somewhere on your website in the name of on-page optimization, youa��ll probably not have Viagra Sublingual order many articles longer than 500 words or so. Although this is in line with best practice guides for article marketing, it can mean that you are somewhat restricted in the depth of detail you can communicate. If you work in a particularly niche or complex industry, these limitations can really impact on the quality and usefulness of the content you publish online. In an ebook format, you have much more scope to delve down into the nuts and bolts of your chosen subject matter, allowing for more detailed and useful content to be published on your website.

Ebooks don’t need to be as long as War and Peace or a literary triumph to have a positive effect on your online marketing efforts. However, not everyone has a book inside them screaming to get out. In my next post, I’ll delve into the “how” of writing an ebook to help you get closer to making the decision of whether or not to take this path.


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  1. Thanks so much for this article! I think there is no time better than the present to begin writing my e-book.