4 Ways To Grow Your Google Plus Presence

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As with any new social media account, the hard work starts only after all of the basic tasks have been completed. Now that you have a Google+ brand page, with a tag line and logo, youai??i??re ready to start creating a useful presence. Google+ borrows concepts from a number of other social media sites, such as the ability to share posts, videos and images, so will be easy to get to grips with for those with prior experience building a Facebook or Twitter following. For others, the site can take a little getting used to with a number of concepts and tasks to get used to.

Adding to the page and using it Female Viagra order to start to connect with other users is the very first thing to be done after the Google+ brand page itself has been created.

1.Ai?? Creating Circles

Google+ allows users to organize contacts into circles. You can create as many circles as you need and tailor them to different interests. Circles means you can group together different types of contacts and then share different things with each group. This brings your marketing much closer to the Google+ aim of dealing with people rather than web traffic. The idea behind circles is Erectalis buy online, clomid reviews. similar to creating interest categories with advanced article marketing ai??i?? you section different people off into different groups, based on their interests and their relationship with you.

With Google+ you may want to create just a single circle for clients and then add only clients that are on Google+ themselves (these can be businesses or individuals). When you post an update about new product availability for example or a seasonal discount exclusive to those who have done business with you before, you can choose to show it exclusively to acquire Antabuse the circle called ai???clientsai??i??, helping to direct your updates in a very personalized manner.

To start creating circles, simply click on the circle log at the top of the page. Youai??i??re then giving a buy cialis search box and can type in places, people or other businesses. When you find someone to add, click to the right and then select which circle you want to add them to from the list that appears on the mouse over.

2.Ai?? Creating Hangouts

Hangouts are less formal and more immediate than circles and can be used to gather together other users to chat. This can be done as a scheduled buy valtrex online appointment or impromptu. As a business, you could use this to create focus groups and speak with select clients one on one or for a customer service function to speak directly with potential customers or those with questions or complaints.

3.Ai?? Promote your Google+ Page on Your Site

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You can get a Google+ button to display on your site, right alongside your Facebook and Twitter icons. Itai??i??s important this goes levitra 20mg vs viagra 100mg. on every page as the more people you can get to interact with you, the better. Spreading the word can be done without too much effort ai??i?? why not add to your email footer for example? Or to email newsletters?

4.Ai?? Adding Content

You can add text, photo and video updates to your Google+ page which makes it very similar to a Facebook profile. Because of this, it Brand Viagra without prescription should be fairly easy to create an update strategy and likely wonai??i??t require much extra input in terms of content production.

Keeping those in your circles interested and coming back to your Google+ page will depend on your content. For that reason, you may want to create exclusive content specifically for Google+ in the same way that you may give exclusive access to certain parts of your site and special discounts just to Facebook buy cialis black or Twitter users.


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  1. Creating exclusive content is a great strategy. If you are posting the same content that you post on Facebook and Twitter, there is really no point in following you in Google+.