5 Lessons Harry Potter Can Teach Your Business About Magically Magnetic Content Creation


Are you addicted to all things buy paxil Viagra Sublingual without prescription Harry Potter? Or are any of your friends or family members? Chances are, someone in your inner circle is a Harry Potter nut. (I know I am!)

Therea��s Viagra Sublingual purchase something magnetic about the Harry Potter series that sucks you in and keeps you there.A� So many of us wish we could live in Harrya��s world. A�Ironically, ita��s not magic that draws us in. Ita��s actually a number of wildly effective content strategies.

As marketers, we would be wise to pay attention, acquire dopoxetine learn from the multi-billion dollar Harry Potter franchise, and deploy these strategies in our own digital marketing initiatives. Effective content strategies can help us not only with SEO and audience reach, but also with attracting new customers and increasing conversion rates.

To that end, here are five strategies for creating magnetic reviews for generic levitra online. content for your business, the Harry Potter way:

1.A�A�A� Compelling Storylines
People LOVE a good story. Instead of telling people what you do, tell them intriguing stories about how you do it, demonstrating how you thrill your customers. Stories that have twists and turns, colorful details and interesting dialog evoke emotional responses. Technobabble and boring text dona��t.

2.A�A�A� Compelling Characters purchase doxycycline
People fall in love with the Harry Potter characters, including Harry, Hermione and Dumbledore. Are you allowing your own personality to shine through? Dona��t fabricate your personality a�� people will sense that youa��re being fake. Instead, let the real you shine through.A� Your real personality a�� with your own humor and quirks a�� is much more compelling than a bland corporate talking-head.

3.A�A�A� Ulcer-Inducing Enemies
Therea��s something about a�?he who must not be nameda�? that totally and completely fascinates us and shakes us to the core! In a similar (yet less theatrical) way, we can uncover our customersa�� enemies and help destroy them. For example, a company selling food service safety products can focus on the villainous bacteria a�� spotlighting the long-term devastation that could be caused by a food safety breach when restaurant diners fall ill. A CRM software company can focus on the horrors of chaos, explaining how companies face major devastation (loss in revenue, decreased productivity) without their helpful, heroic CRM tools. Highlight your customera��s enemies, and make it clear how you are going to empower your customers to be victorious over these evil villains.

4.A�A�A� Something Just Out of Reach
The Harry Potter storylines always leave us wanting just a bit more. We ache to finally, once and for all, defeat Voldemort. We hope that Harry will finally achieve peace of mind. This heartfelt yearning carries us through all seven books and all eight movies. Your target audience wants you to hook them, entice them and enchant them. But leave them aching for just a bit more.

5.A�A�A� Bigger than Ourselves
One of the reasons why the Harry Potter series was so interesting was because it was always about more than just Harry, Hermione and Ron. It was about the battle for good vs. evil. It was about preventing terror from taking over the world. Wow a�� thata��s powerful stuff! A�Similarly, we are all part of something bigger than our own businesses. One of my agencya��s clients strives to bring clean water to the 1 billion people around the world lacking access. Another sells packaging, yet is out fighting hunger. Another is on a mission to enable millions of people to start their own business and achieve the American dream. Theya��re fighting big battles, and that effort is heroic. What is your company doing to make the world a better place?

Editor’s Note: As someone who is madly reading the latest in the Game of Thrones book series that just came out, I concur with Tom’s five points about magnetic content creation. The same formulas apply to this series as well, although with a little more Viagra Super Active without prescription, purchase dapoxetine. adult content than you might want to include on your website LOL! These are proven concepts that have always attracted readers, and putting them to work for your business makes good sense.

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Tom Shapiro is the founder & CEO of Digital Marketing NOW, a full-service digital marketing and design firm that offers strategy, web development, design, SEO, paid search marketing, conversion optimization, display advertising, analytics and more. Tom cuts through all the hype and develops clear, differentiated marketing strategies focused on real results for his clients.

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  1. Great post Tom. I too am a Harry Potter fan. Wouldn't say I was a "nut" but a fan nonetheless. A great spin using Harry Potter to get your points across. Adding a little humour from the most talked about movie to get the points across about a most important subject. Good work and thanks for the post.

  2. Having read the first 4 Harry books to my son at bedtime I found myself continuing to read each one long after he had fallen asleep! So I think that means, I'm a fan. I totally agree that Harry and friend's life can be compared with running a business. Trials and tribulations of his daily life, fighting enemies, finding solutions to various problems to stay alive. Great analogy, and I had to grin to myself when I read your post, as after a messy partnership dispute, I refered to my opponent as voldemort. It's not only customers' enemies that you have to be aware of but also enemies within that can destroy your business, this can include staff or services. You have to be 100% committed to your business for it to succeed, just like Harry. Great post Tom, glad I put it in my save folder to read later! Thanks Kev @xpwebservices for tweeting it. Best Wishes Helen @ashtongolf and @blackpooltown