5 Most Viewed Search Marketing Standard Articles in Q1

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I am sometimes surprised by the type of internet marketing topics that generate a ton of page views. The fundamentals: keyword research, free advertising and every once in a while, a techie topic. I decide to do something different and looked into Google Analytics to pull the top five articles that generated the most page antibiotic buy acquire tadalafil, acquire lioresal. views in the first quarter of 2011. Here is the 5 most viewed Search Marketing Standard articles for Q1:

5 Free Must Have Keyword Research Tools

This article was written in 2009 by Andrey Milan, one of the founders and original editor in chief of Search Marketing Standard. Whata��s amazing with this piece is its longevity. Most of the keyword research tools that Andrey listed are still the most prominent today. However, there are definitely some new tools on the block so we asked one of our experts, Rebecca Appleton, to take an up-to-date crack at the top keyword research tools for 2011. She did a great job with an article titled, a�?Top 3 Online Tools to Start Your Keyword Research.a�? She also covered the subject from another angle in the article titled, a�?5 Free Keyword Research Tools for SEO and PPC Success.a�? I recommend scanning both.

11 Article Marketing Sites to try in 2011

This was an outstanding article by Rebecca about, as she states, a�?how article marketing can boost traffic, stimulate sales, build link popularity and establish the author as an expert or thought leader in their particular niche.a�? Interestingly, even after Googlea��s Panda slap, article marketing still plays a role in the Internet marketing mix for most marketers. A more sophisticated approach may come in the form of content marketing through e-books, white papers and guides syndicated through 3rd party platforms. Whichever way its pursued, using quality content to build expertise and drive leads is a winning tactic.

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11 Free Press Release Distribution Sites to Try in 2011

Although press release distribution is not my first go-to strategy for generating traffic, it is a part of a well-balanced promotional plan. Obviously, depending on your product or service, it could play a more or less important role for you. When I have a newsworthy topic to present then Ia��ll use a standard distribution service like PRWeb.com or Businesswire.com and then also syndicate the release through a number of free press release sites (e.g. those listed buy zoloft online in this article.) This list was created by non-other than our expert SEO and journalist, Rebecca. A�I recommend bookmarking this article for continual reference.

When to Use Subdomains versus Subfolders

This is an evergreen article a�� a perennial favorite especially for new webmasters viagra order or professionals needing to dig deeper than usual into web design. It was written by Garrett French, an expert link builder and all around cool person. I highly recommend checking it out as a refresher. There are also some great reference materials at the bottom of this article under an heading, a�?More subfolder vs. sub-domain resources.a�?

Link Building Benefits Beyond Rankings

What a rocking Internet Marketing article from a new contributor to Search Marketing Standard, Jessica Meyer. Jessica tackles the benefits of link building beyond the obvious SEO ones. Ita��s an insightful read and may just help sell your boss on the link building buy fildena budget you have been pursuing all year. It was not only popular with views but also shared quite frequently across Twitter and FaceBook.

Well, there you have it a�� the five most viewed Search Marketing Standard articles between January and March 2011. Of course there is way more than five articles but if you want to get the best articles first then subscribe to Search Marketing Standard magazine.

The summer issue ships out A�this month (June 2011) and it is absolutely packed with how-to content from online marketing experts including Rand Fishkin, Geno Prussakov, Garrett French, David Rodnitksky, Elissa Gabbert, Marios Alexandrou, Melissa Fach, Ross Dunn and Chuck Stewart. I guarantee you it is solid content covering the a�?need to knowa�? of the industry. If your eyes grow tired of the constant strain of reading online then grab a Search Marketing Standard print magazine! Ita��s amazing the number of Internet Marketing professionals who still LOVE print!!!



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