5 Ways An Online PR Campaign Can Help Your SEO Campaign


For most site owners, a decent search engine optimization campaign includes link building, possibly some social media work and an overhaul of page content, titles, meta tags, and similar items. Invariably, an online press release strategy is overlooked, yet a successful and sustained digital PR campaign can go hand in hand with traditional SEO Kamagra Chewable online, buy zithromax online. activities. In fact, an online press release can actually help to deliver better rankings and improve brand awareness.

As any marketing traditionalist will know, a press release is an excellent vehicle for generating product and brand buzz. An easy way to reach a wide audience provided distribution if tackled correctly, a press release delivers an instant hit of recognition. SEO-wise, an online PR also promises all of these benefits…

1. Quality Content

Often with search prednisone cat absorbed, prednisone cat absorbed, prednisone cat absorbed, prednisone cat absorbed, prednisone cat absorbed, prednisone cat absorbed. engine optimization campaigns, it can be hard to think of fresh, relevant, and really interesting content to upload on site. One of the problems with search engines is their constant hunger for new pages, new data, and new information. Satisfying that desire becomes tougher and tougher the more content you create, as there are fewer and fewer original ideas remaining. A press release will help to lessen the load as a tried and tested format for communicating relevant information. Topics such as new product launches, special offers, company accolades, and business developments will go from being internal news to an external content creator.

2. Branding

More and more, branding is becoming an integral part of search engine optimization. A recognizable brand delivers some of the same kudos and traffic as a page-one search engine placement. An online PR campaign will help to develop brand identity at the same time as suggesting professionalism and aiding in the construction of a corporate image. Large corporations like Coca-Cola and Sony use both on and offline press releases to Female Viagra without prescription consolidate their brand – this regular flow of information helps to combat industry competitors and ensures customers retain their brand loyalty.

3. Ease of Distribution

A genuinely newsworthy press release, or series of press releases, can be distributed to thousands of journalists, commentators, and opinion leaders within seconds online. Each of these recipients is able to quickly Sertraline without prescription and easily forward on the release to a colleague or other interested party, adding to the distribution network. One of the primary aims of search engine optimization is to increase website visibility and traffic ai??i?? something equally likely to occur through online PR distribution, making it the perfect SEO partner for proactive websites and organizations.

4. Authoritative Links

Building good quality inbound links is a constant trial for search engine optimizers. Much like with the content issue, an online PR cheap erectile dysfunction drugs. can help to ease this burden. Once distributed, the PR can be picked up by any number of outlets including magazines and newspapers. Provided links have been planted in the original press release, a new link is created each time an outlet picks up on the PRai??i??s story. If the distribution has been done correctly, these links should all be from very relevant sources ai??i?? known to be of benefit to the off-page optimization calculations employed by the search enginesAi?? and likely to direct targeted traffic to the website.

5. User Data

Keeping a close eye on the online press releaseai??i??s buy malegra pick-up rate can provide useful data for the distributor. Monitoring which news items are picked up gives a clear insight into the types of subjects and messages most likely to be of interest to the target audience ai??i?? this knowledge can be transferred to website copy, future releases, and optimized content.


About the Author

Rebecca is the managing director of search engine optimization agency Dakota Digital a full-service agency offering SEO, online PR, web copywriting, media relationship management, and social media strategy. Rebecca works directly with each client to increase online visibility, brand profile, and search engine rankings. She has headed a number of international campaigns for large brands.

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  1. It's interesting that you wrote about this today Rebecca because just yesterday I was thinking about Branding and how that's my personal way of taking control of traffic to my site in a sense. The harder I work at branding I create more of my own traffic flow until the traffic starts to become more automatic (ie: search engine traffic) Great post, thanks for sharing!! .-= [email protected] Optimistic Journey´s last blog ..You Know You’re Favored by God When… =-.

  2. I completely agree Rebecca. We use PR as a regular component of our SEO campaigns, and we have had excellent success. Sometimes the challenge is explaining to the client that PR serves a different and valuable purpose than what they might be used to and to get them comfortable with it.

  3. Thank you all for the lovely comments! I'm really interested in this area of SEO and SEM so will be posting more of the same! What kind of click through and conversion rates are you seeing from your PRs? Have they gone up recently?