6 Steps to Getting the Most Out of Your adCenter Campaign

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How well is your adCenter campaign optimized? Are you taking advantage of everything Microsoft adCenter has to offer? If not, you Red Viagra order are losing out.

Here are a few strategies you buy apcalis should find useful:

1. Organize your campaigns viagra price. by their objectives and your orders by their topic.

2. Use dynamic text in your ad copy. Microsoft adCenter allows their advertisers to specify dynamic parameters in their ads. You can use up to three parameters per ad.
- {keyword} – this one is pretty simple. Just by placing it in your ad copy title, it will be automatically replaced by the keyword the user had used.
- {param1}, {param2} – with these you can specify any dynamic parameter in your ad copy. You can have a special offer in the ad text (free shipping, free trial, etc.) or even specify a custom landing page using it in the destination URL field.
There is a good explanation of these here.

3. Review your reports. Look for trends, like what time of day users are more likely to buy, which regions convert better. fluoxetine without prescription This way you can optimize your campaign buy Silvitra tab online, buy lioresal online. by running day part targeting, geotargeting or demographic targeting.

4. Use Microsoft adCenter Labs. There are plenty of great tools there that can help optimize your campaign even further. By the way, these tools might be helpful with your SEO efforts as well. Check out this post at SEO Book for more information.

5. Perform A/B split testing purchase baclofen of your ad copy. Once you are done, start over.

6. Perform A/B split testing of your landing page. Guess what you should do once you are done. You got it, start over. MarketingExperiments has a wonderful guide on how to do A/B split testing.

Below are some sources you should check for more information on how to optimize your adCenter advertising campaigns:
Microsoft adCenter Labs Tools
Microsoft adCenter Forums
Microsoft adCenter Blog
Microsoft adCenter Help Videos
Microsoft adCenter FAQ
PPC Discussion Blog
MarketingExperiments Research Archive

Oh, almost forgot. If you haven’t signed up for Microsoft adCenter yet, here is a $200 credit.

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