9 Article Marketing Sites To Try In 2009


If youa��re experimenting with article marketing, or even planning to dip your toe in the water for the very first time, there are a raft of excellent article marketing web sites to try. With different functionality and very different audiences, ita��s worth experimenting and trying as many different sites as possible to find the ones that best compliment your own particular brand of search engine optimization. Depending on your goals, youa��ll find the sites below to be excellent outlets for your article marketing efforts.

Articlealley.com Viagra Soft purchase : Five years online, Articlealley has a database of 60,000 active authors and more than half a million pages of content. To avoid getting lost in the crowd, a high quality of article must be maintained. The most read articles are featured in their own section, increasing exposure and third party syndication. Articles are automatically published on the sitea��s extensive network, making it a useful link building resource. Registration is easy with no pre-qualification.

ArticleBiz.com: Extensive article marketing site, with attractive front page and easy navigation. Articles are organized into topics and sub-categories, ensuring simple classification and access to the most appropriate audience sector. With a Google PageRank of 4, the site offers excellent author exposure. Articles can be rated and readers are invited to leave feedback, providing a great yardstick if youa��re just starting out and keen to improve your craft.

ArticleCity.com: Invites both article and press release submission via two separate areas. No registration is required, but a form with contact details and bio must be filled out each time. The home page is a little more visual than most article marketing sites, with pictures to depict each category and featured articles from myriad topics.

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Bigarticles.com: Boasting a a�?write and earna�� approach this site encourages you to write an essay, article or editorial, post and publish and then offers 70% of the revenue generated by the article as compensation to the author. Readers can rate articles and leave feedback for the author, making it a good starting site for newcomers to article marketing.

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Buzzle.com buy allopurinol acquire nolvadex : A great quality site with more rigorous than most registration requirements. You must be a recognized subject expert and submit previous examples of your work for review before being granted access. The strict admittance policy is well worth your time as acceptance means joining one of the most well respected article marketing sites on the web. The network of authors and subject speakers contribute to an informative, high quality site split into subject sections.

Easyarticles.com: With a simple author registration process, this site tries to keep articles informational and informative. It boasts an extensive directory and showcases most popular and most recent additions on the homepage, guaranteeing high volumes of foot traffic for featured authors.

Ezinearticles.com: One of the original and still one of the best if youa��re looking to reach an extended audience. With 139,478 authors registered with the site, competition is fierce. The site boasts a PageRank of 6, making it a worthwhile endeavor for SEO work. Previously fee based, the site is now supported by in-page adverts. Each article is reviewed by a human editor to maintain quality, while new authors are put through their paces with a 10 article trial.

Goarticles.com: Extensive article marketing site with clean design, PageRank of 6 and over 1 million articles archived. Articles can be requested, sent via email and voted for. This popularity contest not only ensures maximum exposure but also helps to keep the quality of submissions high.

Ideamarketers.com: Slightly different to the usual article marketing fare, Ideamarketers.com actively seeks entrepreneurs and thinkers to share their philosophies, findings and missives. The site has set itself the task of becoming a virtual environment where ideas thrive, and those responsible for innovation share their messages and promote their products and services. Authors are empowered to accept or decline requests from publishers to use their content, a marked difference from most article marketing sites where publication is at the discretion of the third party site. By allowing author selection, you can retain control of who publishes your content. An average of 11,000 new pages is added each month. According to the sitea��s own stats, it served up over 4 million visits in May 2008.


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  1. Nice list, a few new ones to checkout. Was a little surprised to see Ezinearticles in there, exusing newbies it is pretty much considered the default article dump, I mean directory!

  2. Thanks for the list. Have you noticed any changes say in for example pagerank of these sites recently? Google is said to be cracking down on low-quality article directories like they did on the directories previously.

  3. Good list and this can help those who are interested to rely on article marketing as a way to push the visibility of their site and their online business.

  4. I have tried some fo these sites. Goarticles is good because your articles go live straight away, yet it still has good PR. Ezine Articles is a bit frustrating at first because you have to wait so long to get them reviewed. However, they are pretty quick (two or three days usually) after that. I'd say that Ezine Articles confers the best SEO benefit. I have seen much more search engine traffic some time after submitting a few articles to them. I'd also recommend Articles Base and Article Dashboard.

  5. Great list! I plan on looking into these. I like eHow as well and have linked a helpful page for anyone that is looking to earn with them. There are so many options, good luck to everyone!

  6. Can you provide more information on similar issues, or do you have some resources you can share with us where we can find such useful stuff? Thanks.

  7. I am new to article marketing how much different than blogging is this?

  8. Kevin Gold

    @Mike - article marketing is different. You are writing an article and posting it to these article distribution sites. In many cases (although I have heard varying opinions) you aren't syndicating your blog content but providing an article to these sites so they can post it. Some article sites don't except articles that have been posted elsewhere (what unique content to avoid duplicate content issues.) Some people are doubting the impact of article marketing on SEO (link value) but for other marketing purposes like direct referrals, building credibility around your expertise, and reputation management, article marketing could be very beneficial. I envision article marketing as an aspect of content marketing.

  9. While there are many more quality "Article Directories" you have provided an excellent list to get started with. It should be noted, if you wish to take full advantage of "Article Marketing" you should be submitting well written, quality, informative and authoritative articles and not simply "Keyword Stuffed" blocks of text, regardless of the directories you choose to submit to.

  10. Thats great article. Thanks for sharing the best and high traffic article sites. I am using ezinearticles to submit my articles. I have seen the sites that is of high page rank and good traffic containing. I think the sites that you have provided help me lot.