9 Press Release Ideas You Can Use Right Now

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The old saying that Content is King has never been truer than it is right now. With Googlea��s much talked about emphasis on content and the need to update social media properties as well as place your brand in front of potential clients online, press releases are an important medium which can be leveraged for any size and type of antibiotic online company.

With news available online 24/7, there is a buy fluoxetine prolific appetite for content. If you can produce press releases that are worth reading on a regular basis, you can use this hunger for news to bring traffic to your website and encourage footfall to your store. If youa��re stuck for new ideas, why not try one of our suggestions from the list below? Each is an idea you can use right now.

1.A� New Consumer Trend: Go back over your sales data for the last three months. Has there been a spike in a particular product or a trend towards a different brand? Perhaps a resurgent demand for a service? This makes a great PR. Add a quote from a client if you can get one, explaining what prompted their own switch.

2.A� Special Offer: An easy PR to write that doesna��t take a lot of extra work or preparation on your part as a special offer can be something as simple as free shipping until the weekend.

3.A� Trade Expansion: Have you decided to brand out on the trade side? Perhaps you sell fruit juice and are keen to get a few contracts with local bars and hotels? Turn this into a PR announcing your companya��s trade expansion plans. This will help to position you as a major player, create the impression that exciting things are happening and may well bring your brand to the attention of the purchase manager at a potential new clienta��s offices.

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4.A� Reach a Milestone: Dona��t have a 10th anniversary coming up? Or 25 years in business? You can find a milestone worth celebrating if you look hard enough. Perhaps your 100th client since opening your new store? If youa��re a dentist, perhaps youa��ve looked at 200 more teeth this year already than last year? If youa��re a vet or a pet groomer, perhaps you have helped 500 pets so far this year? If a gym, maybe your members have collectively lost 100Lbs this month?

5.A� Do Something for Others: Plan your own give back day. It could be a day where you give 10 cents from every dollar to a local charity. Or perhaps you get your whole team to donate their expertise and time to the local neighborhood one Saturday. Maybe youa��ve decided to sponsor a dog at the local pet shelter, provide new kit for a youth sports team or donate food to a homeless shelter? However you decide to give back, doing a little something for others makes for a great press release and one that has the potential to generate very positive local publicity

6.A� Trips: Is your buying team heading off to an exotic location in search of new stock? Or just got back? Have you recently started stocking something from the other side of the world? Distance makes for a great PR.

7.A� Hold a Competition: Consider launching a a�?repin to wina�� competition, a prize draw with each purchase or a Facebook giveaway. Everyone loves the feeling that they are getting something for nothing and quite often, the competitive spirit kicks in. Keep your readers and customers engaged by announcing a new competition to run this month.

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8.A� Train Up: Investing in staff training makes for wonderful PR material. Not only does it show that you are supportive of staff who want to self-improve, it also shows that youa��re committed to offering the best customer service possible.

9.A� Get Nominated: Enter your business for a local business award or online award and publicize your involvement with a PR.

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