9/11: Remember, Never Forget

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It is hard to believe that it’s been five years. When people rushed to the movie theaters to see the World Trade Center, I didn’t plan to go. All of us here in New York had a front seat five years ago … The pictures of people jumping out of the windows on the 90th floor are well embedded in my mind. I don’t need Hollywood to refresh my memory.

In this city of millions, all of us know at least one person or someone whose friend/relative died on that day. For all of us, the world will never be the same.

Today should be a day of remembrance and reflection. I will not get into politics (although, I do have a lot to say) but for all of us one thing is apparent, the site that became known as Ground Zero is still ground zero …


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  1. chris

    I'm lucky enough to have not been in New York and my relatives there were working further from Ground Zero, so got out safely. I caught the first news in our office on the CNN site and even though I live far from the East Coast, I was transfixed by the horrific images and the barrage of one shock after another. My thoughts are with all those who had to go through those days of terror.