A Real Life Example of Entertaining Videos and Branding

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A couple of days ago, we posted an article by Kevin Johnson on the value of using entertaining videos in one’s business purchase clomid online , where the author also pointed out some tips of the video trade for making your videos more influential. And then, wham! Today a real-life example came in the good old inbox — some data from Hitwise on a recent commercial by an office supplies company that has garnered a great deal of social media interest in the UK that appears to have translated into cold, hard traffic.

Viking Direct’s advertisement prompted a huge number of YouTube views of the video, but even better, a lot of that YouTube traffic went on to visit Viking Direct’s own website — it was the 8th largest recipient of traffic in the UK from YouTube, which means that 1% of all YouTube visits on May 12th left for Viking Direct. This is rather unusual and quite a feat buy estrace online to be proud of.

As you can surmise, a huge chunk of YouTube viewers next visit some some of entertainment Viagra Professional online site (17%, in fact), not what would be considered to be less-than-exciting office supply stores. On the other side of the equation, 62% of the visits made to Viking Direct that day came from YouTube.

It’s hard to deny the impact of social media sites on today’s business world when one anafranil 25mg. sees an example like this one.

There is no doubt that a buy cialis black well-placed video on YouTube can go viral and bring unheard of amounts of traffic to a website, some of which may translate into sales, but too many smaller businesses don’t realize that they too can grab that golden ring. Businesses need to use every available venue to make their business known — if you run a local TV ad that is considered cute or funny, put it up on YouTube.

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After all, the Viking Direct ad zoloft tablets buy, generic dapoxetine. was nice, but it won’t become a video that people will remember a year from now (sorry, Viking). You have literally nothing to lose, and you may — like Viking Direct — hit gold for a few days and even perhaps the longer-lasting vein of gold known as branding.

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