Advertising Info

Search Marketing Standard speaks to the digital marketing community through our online and print publications. Our unique communication platform speaks to:

  • Online Marketing Professionals: those who need to know about emerging digital marketing trends to be keep their company ahead of the competition
  • Small and Medium Business Owners: their business requires that they utilize the most cost-effective digital marketing solutions
  • Digital Advertising Practitioners: technical experts that use Search Marketing Standard to learn about new techniques
  • Search Marketing Enthusiasts: who enjoy learning about new digital marketing trends and technology
  • Small Business Solution Providers: who sell digital marketing services to business owners and online marketing professionals

Search Marketing Standard offers compelling advertising and lead generation services that include:

  • Targeted email marketing services to our readers that opt-in
  • Webinar hosting services to acquired leads through demonstrated expertise
  • Focused online display and text advertising
  • Directory sponsorship opportunities for advertisers
  • Extensive network of highly regarded internet professional verticals (i.e. affiliate marketing, web hosting, software development, hardware enthusiasts)
  • Consumer-driven lead generation via our proprietary quote distribution service

If you would like to learn more about our Advertising and Lead Generation services, please contact us: