AdWords Expands Appeal to Advertisers Without a Website


Google has moved even further into simplifying the AdWords “experience” for those wishing to online tadalafil, online Zoloft. advertise online, but who are a little bit unsure about whether or not they can handle the technical end of things.

First we had Starter Edition, a watered-down version of AdWords, and now … ta da … the introduction of hosted business pages. They’re a way for someone with no website and no HTML experience to put together a down-and-dirty web page that highlights the basics of their business – location, products and services, buy prazosin a little detail, image, etc. As the crowd at Inside Adwords says:

Hosted business pages are quick and easy acquire baclofen — no knowledge of HTML or programming is required. The webpage is available almost immediately once the advertiser starts running an AdWords campaign. In patients with impaired buy motilium online liver function of moderate severity. Keep in mind that hosted business pages are accessible only through links on AdWords ads.

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As a larger version of the Google Earth option for an “ad” associated with your location, the idea just might take off, but only if the non-techies who resist a website and the regular AdWords program in the first place make that leap of faith. For those already in the Starter Edition program of AdWords, it will be interesting to see Viagra Sublingual order how this feature pans out. Google must figure the market is out there and maybe they’re hoping to add their Google Earth “advertiser” stable to the mix at AdWords. What do you think?


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    no link?

  2. Andrey Milyan

    Can't really link to it, Jay. Here is more info from Google at the AdWords Help Center