An Interview With Garrett French: Ontolo Launches V2 Of Link Building Toolset

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Link building has gotten easier, faster, and far more efficient with the launch of the V2 Ontolo Link Building Toolset order sildenafil, order clomid. … that is, according to its co-creator Garrett French of course ;) Garrett is a long-time contributor to Search Marketing Standard magazine and online blog, and I recently read and reviewed his link building book. He was kind enough to “drop by my inbox” today for an email interview to answer some questions about his latest creation.

Frances: Hey, Garrett! It’s great to have you here!

atarax without prescription trimetabol indications. Garrett: Thank you for having me Frances, and on such short notice too :)

Frances: Ha ha. So tell me a bit about what you’re launching today.

Garrett: We’re proudly unveiling V2 of our Link Building Toolset, which makes link building ridiculously easy.

Frances: Ridiculously easy?

Garrett: Well, let me qualify thatA� ;) Seriously though, we’ve been hearing sighs of relief from link builders everywhere who have taken the time to dig into our link prospect demo sets! Here are some of the ways that we’re planning to revolutionize link building:

  1. We find and grade link prospects based on your SEO keywords and the link opportunities you’re targeting such as Guest Posts, Sponsored Links, .Gov and .Edu Links, etc. This makes your link prospects dramatically more actionable than those found through competitor backlink profile analysis.
  2. We record contact information for each prospect URL too, including contact pages, email addresses, Twitter and Facebook accounts if they’re on the page.
  3. We deliver 26 different keyword-searchable link prospect reports and search forms that make it simple to identify your most relevant and valuable link prospects with a click of a button.

We even have a demo set you could use for finding link prospects for Search Marketing Standard! Learn more about that here…

Frances: Thanks Garrett! I’ll have to tell our guys to check it out. So tell me — what sets you apart from most link building tools?

Garrett: Foremost, we’re sourcing links from beyond the competitor link graph. That’s not to say that competitor backlinks don’t exist in our prospect data sets, and in fact we make note of your competitors and even have a keyword searchable competitor co-citation report built in. However, since we don’t rely on the backlink graph, we’re able to provide our customers with customized, targeted prospects that align with their linkable assets.

Also, buy lady era we’re keyword searchable. Here’s a video of Ben demonstrating how to find great blogs from within a data set:

Ben Demonstrates Finding Blogs Within A Data Set

And since I mentioned it, here Ben demonstrating Brand Viagra cheapest the Competitor Backlink report:

Ben Demonstrates Competitor Backlink Report

Frances: Thank you Garrett for the info. What can interested parties do next?

Garrett: We invite everyone to check out our Ontolo demo walkthrough videos, and for any SEO journalists and bloggers out there (you included Frances!) we invite you to check out our SEO Publisher link prospect data set.

Frances: I’ll be sure to check out the demo and I hope many of our readers do likewise! Best of luck, Garrett, with the new product.


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Frances Krug has worked in market research since graduating from UCLA with an MA and CPhil in Latin American history. As an editor and online content provider for the last 7 years, she currently is Associate Editor at iNET Interactive, where she also directs Search Marketing Standard's email marketing program.

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