Are You Creating a World-Class Customer Experience?

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I have always been a huge evangelist for greater customer focus. Because of my experience in relationship management, system integration and customer satisfaction, I have learned first hand how technology designed without the customer in mind creates not only weak and forgettable experience but also poor economic results. I found an article recently that stated, “Eighty percent of companies believe they deliver a superior customer experience, but only 8 percent of their customers agree, says Bain & Company.” (The Three “Ds” of Customer Experience” 11/7/2005:

Consider your website – does baclofene. it deliver a powerful customer experience?

Creating a powerful customer experience requires more than simply providing a website and processing an order. Ita��s a holistic approach that addresses every aspect of a customer’s contact with your company. Although the main goal is to create an experience that motivates visitors to buy – it must move beyond just a closing strategy and dig deeper buy cipro into the overall buying process. cheap baclofen As stated in a white paper from Keynote, “Even when the goal is not an online purchase, customer experience is a decisive factor in whether people will use the website to research information, answer customer support questions, or find out more about employment opportunities or investor relations information.” (Leverage Your Web Channel: The Keynote Methodology for Gathering Insights into Online Customer Behavior, A�2005 Keynote, page 3.)

Many small and mid-size businesses do not possess the budgets for advanced technology to help probe into web analytics data to define customer experience opportunities. However, to get started, it doesn’t require a big budget but a commitment to step outside of your own shoes, to listen to internal customer contact channels that already exist (like your customer support and sales team) that have direct contact and experience with customers and to seek customer feedback through simple surveys, affordable website analytics/log files and other quick research methods. Using these methods, you are purchase estrace not striving for perfection but insight that can be tested, measured and optimized.

Creating a powerful customer experience can become the major competitive advantage for your business. antibiotic buy Do you have a commitment stronger than your competitors to dig deeper into your customers’ minds to find what they cherish the most?

I highly recommend a few outstanding books: “The Inmates are Running the Asylum,” “What Customer Really Want” and: Customer Rule!” All are available at Amazon. Buying cheap zoloft 30 Pills Without Rx. Anti-depressant. These books, among some others, effectively address the need for greater customer experiences and why it is so important in today’s highly competitive market in my opinion, creating a powerful customer experience is even more important for Web businesses because your competitors are a click-away not a few blocks-away.

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  1. mislyd

    Hi Kevin, thanks for the useful post! I really enjoyed reading this. What are some low cost methods of tracking that I can recommend to my clients? (Besides the typical Google Analytics) Also, it would be great if you can have another post with a case study of how your client/ you have done this! :) Aside, anyone built their own tracking system from scratch and care to share their experience?