Are You Making These Common Mobile Web Mistakes?


Studies show that there are six billion cell phones globally — just 1 billion less than the current world population, although that number includes many people with more than one cellphone. Research firm In Stat predicts that 65% of the US population will have a mobile device by 2015. Another research company, NPD DisplaySearch, estimates that 240 million tablets will be sold in 2013, of which smaller tablets with 7 to 8-inch screens are expected to make up 45% of the total. Google claims that 90% of all business transactions begin on a screen a�� making mobile web a top priority for any digital and sales savvy company.

Although the mobile revolution picked up speed last year, 2013 is expected to be the year that the floodgates open. With more and more of us connected to the net at all hours of the day or night, and this interaction is just as likely to take place on a tablet or smartphone as it is a traditional desktop or laptop, good mobile web design is becoming just as important as Female Viagra purchase good SEO or good social media.

Mobile devices differ greatly from traditional screens and require Female Viagra buy very specific design considerations. Getting to grips with the myriad possibilities requires intense study and a capable mobile design agency. Avoiding common pitfalls is the first step; here are the first few mistakes to look out fora��

1.A� The Domain Name

Since a mobile site is essentially a different website, it can be tempting to give it a new domain name. This is a common mistake and one that should be avoided at all costs. Your brand is your first sales generator and peomethazine without prescription. all marketing materials, tools and information emanating from your company should all sit within the one domain.

Dona��t be misguided into purchasing a new domain for your new mobile website.A� Having invested time and money, as well as what are likely to be hundreds if not thousands of man hours in search marketing, adding your mobile offering order Antabuse to your existing domain is the most logical route to take.

2.A� Load Speeds

Before the look and feel of the site takes shape, youa��ll need to consider load speed. Mobile devices are often more limited than traditional desktop counterparts and can only process so much information as they are usually subject to slower connections. If your page is too big to load quickly on a mobile device, users are much more likely to head back to their search engine of choice and pick another result. When you begin to consider the design of the new site, always refer back to page load speed consideration. Anything that could buy Penegra online, buy dapoxetine online. slow the page loading time down will need be jettisoned or reinterpreted to offer a more mobile-friendly user experience.

3.A� Overly limited content

Having considered page loads speeds and the smaller screens of mobile devices, ita��s likely that your mobile site will sport a very different look content-wise to your main domain. Overly limiting content is a common mistake but one that can be avoided. Just because the user is accessing your site from a mobile device doesna��t mean that they dona��t want the full brand experience. When curating you content for mobile, consider what is important to your brand values, your product offering and your brand identity. Dona��t strike off important content such buy clomid as a catalog or a product video because it could take too long to download and make the page too heavy. Think around the roadblock to create a mobile appropriate version of that content.

4.A� Videos

Videos can be tricky to integrate on a mobile website so many opt to leave them out all together. Many smartphones struggle to play video content but, they can be integrated using HTML5 standard tags. Flash based videos usually wona��t play so they are to be avoided but, if you can recreate your flash based content or an approximation of it, into a playable video format it is worth using. Dona��t use a technical stumbling block as an excuse to leave video off your mobile site, as its addition can often make a site stand out.A� It is also easier to watch a video that works than scroll through lots Lasix online of text when accessing a mobile site, which makes your domain more useful and more engaging to the user.

Try to avoid these four common errors when lady era buy onlinea> beginning to plan your mobile website and you’ll be on the way to providing an alternative to your viewers that will fit their wishes to access your content when they want and how they want.

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  1. To many companies forget that mobile is where it is at today. If you don't optimize for mobile then you are behind the times. Thanks for pointing out these mistakes. Good article.

  2. I think mobile is so young it will take time to really iron out the kinks that could occur. There really is no recipe for success and there might never be one so it is important for companies to really experiment and try different things.