Are You Missing Out on Thank You Page Profits?


Industry research from the likes of and others have drawn attention on how businesses frequently fail to take advantage of their Thank You (e.g. action confirmation) pages. Customers pay close attention to the “Thank You” page and from it they are looking for instructions on taking a next step. This provides an excellent opportunity for you to Viagra Professional cheap present additional items.

Depending on your order Cialis soft FRUIT online, buy zithromax. business model and your customers, there are multiple opportunities.

For business-to-business companies, a Thank You page following a Contact Us Request could present a relevant white paper download, your newest press release, some marque client testimonials, some published articles or other materials that help your prospect get to know your company better prior to gabapentin over de counter walgreens. a follow-up response.

For an e-commerce company, the Thank You page could present an up-sell or cross-sell opportunity relevant to the products previously purchased. Other options include displaying a customer satisfaction survey asking about their purchasing experience, invitation to “tell a friend” along with a “next-order” incentive (e.g. coupon), an introduction to a customer loyalty program, a catalog download, buy neurotin and/or a very well-organized and printable/downloadable customer service and order tracking guide.

For business-to-customer companies especially those in high traffic markets like entertainment (or any other general consumer population market) a Thank You page can offer well-positioned Google Adsense links. The key point though to this strategy is to position the links as a logical call-to-action that’s relevant to a legitimate next step in the customer’s process.

For example, if a user opts into a credit card lead generation program, the Thank You page could present links to other relevant credit card or cash advance offers. It is extremely important though that you present legitimate and helpful links and not present an obvious money-making ploy. If you position the Adsense links (or other affiliate links/programs) as relevant next steps in the user’s continued pursuit of their goal, then a high percentage of clicks are probable. In essence, you purchase lioresal monetize your Thank You pages.

Do you have a great “Thank You” page strategy? If you do, send me a comment!


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  1. I don't as yet, but this is giving me ideas :-) Possible co-reg opportunities maybe?

  2. What about in the case of a double opt-in, which is more and more common on the internet. After someone opts-in, you want them to check their email to confirm their subscription. But at the same time, some of these people won't check their email because they might get distracted by what's on the thank you page. How do you resolve this issue? I use the thank you page specifically to provide instructions on taking the next step, which is checking their email and confirming. let me know your thoughts. Ferny