Article Marketing: The Basics (Part 1)

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The popularity of article marketing has waned a little in recent years as most businesses have been swept up in the social media craze. Rather than write an article about a product or industry, ita��s been easier and cooler to tweet, like, or blog. Although this has devalued article marketing in the eyes of many, it is still a very useful skill to have in your online marketing toolbox and one that will Kamagra Gold without prescription, Zoloft reviews. allow you to reach an audience outside of Facebook and Twitter.

Getting Started

Article marketing can be done in two ways. The first is to submit one article to as many different article marketing sites as possible. Simply going to Google and typing in article directory will bring up thousands of sites happy to accept your content. Although time consuming, buy npxl creating accounts with each site and then copying and pasting the article will result in a number of links proportionate to the number of submissions made. This gives links with targeted anchor text at a very low cost.

The second option is to be more selective and post your article to just one buy non prescription viagra online. or two sites. With both options, youa��ll also want to publish your article on your own website as a means of adding fresh new content and providing more data for search engine indexing purposes.

One of the buy prednisone online two options is likely to be unsuitable for your site and determining which path you should go down is the first step to successful article marketing. If you have a new website or a site that, while older, has not had any SEO work or link building carried out, option two is the most appropriate course of action. It is tempting to zoom off on route one, but while youa��re gathering links youa��ll also be creating your own duplicate content issue when you publish the article on your site. With little search engine history, Google is more likely to see the article directory as the authority site, meaning you wona��t enjoy the on-page benefits of your own content.A� For new sites, writing two versions of the article a�� one for article marketing and one for the website itself a�� is often the best solution.

Bulk acquisition of links via widespread article submission is more suited to older sites which already have a large haul of quality inbound links back to the domain. In that situation, article marketing is a fantastic way to shore up the link count while also increasing website profile.

Part Viagra Jelly cheapest 2 of this post will appear tomorrow, talking about tips concerning “The Article” and “The Bio.”


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