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I just returned from the infamous Google Dance, and I can sum it up by saying that I left earlier than anticipated. To be fair to Google, I was a bit slow moving from the previous eveninga��s party, and my expectations were probably a bit inflated. Regardless, I think Google must have let the engineers in the company plan the party, as the theme was chemistry (all signage mimicked the periodic chart) and the entertainment consisted primarily of remote controlled robots and animated karaoke. It was like hanging out at a Chuck E Cheeses for young adults. In fact, the average age of the Google employees (easily identified by light blue shirts and badges) where can you buy nolvadex, acquire Zoloft. buy Priligy buy motilium seemed to be around 25. Surprisingly, Google ran out of t-shirts early in the evening, which seems like poor planning. On the flip side, the food and beverages were plentiful, the DJ gifted and the dunk tank therapeutic (unfortunately, my aim was off and I wasna��t able to drop the Googlite). In comparison, the party was more intimate, lively and fun. The cigarette girls handed out candy and the photo booth was quite popular. Overall, I give Ask.coma��s party a two big thumbs up and Google Dance one up and one down.

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