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Add Your Comments (formerly AskJeeves) has announced some impressive changes to its search advertising options that are clearly designed to help move the search engine from the background into the limelight, maneuvering itself in place to challenge MSN (now Windows Live Search) for the coveted third spot of stardom behind cheap zyban Google and Yahoo!

Chief among the changes is the announcement that the first 3 positions in the sponsored listings will be filled by ads from Ask and its affiliated sites, where previously only the first was drawn from the Ask network and the others were Red Viagra cheap provided via Google.

As ClickZ reports:

“A new dashboard interface, bulk management tools, and an available application programming interface (API) simplify management of ASL for advertisers and agencies managing multiple campaigns. The bulk tools can handle up to 65,000 keywords, and utilize a queuing mechanism that buy sildalis allows advertisers to submit their keywords and walk away, Speer said.”

As Ask grows into its own, keep an eye on its performance. It buy Kamagra online, clomid online. just may be “the little engine that could”.

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