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Avoid The Squint & Pinch: Improving Customer Experience With Mobile Landing Pages


Customer feedback is one of the most valuable ways we can stay in touch generic baclofen with our market, and to make sure we are meeting the expectations of the lifeblood of our businesses.

In a world gone digital, with resources such as Marketing Automation tools, Email Service Providers, services offering pre-designed and programmed landing pages, the customer feedback survey is easier than ever to buy cipro deploy.

Recently, I received this doxycyclin purchase email requesting feedback on a companyai??i??s CustomerAi?? Service. A great example of how to connect with customers.

Mobile Feedback

Ai??The email wasai??i??

  • Clear in its Purpose: The subject line indicates that the email is in reference to feedback around an interaction I had just had with the company.
  • Human: Using phrases like, ai???Weai??i??d love to know how we did!ai???
  • Timely: I had contacted their customer service department two days prior.
  • Clear in its Call to Action: ai???Plase click the link below to take our brief

Above all else, it was simple. The email was not over designed,Ai?? nor demanding in its request for feedback. A great example malegra buy online of how easy it can be to connect with our customers.

But then, the hydrocortisone, hydrocortisone, hydrocortisone, hydrocortisone, hydrocortisone, hydrocortisone. effort fell flat.

Donai??i??t Make Your Customers Squint and Pinch.

Opening the email from my mobile, as about 100 million other smartphone users in the US typically do, the landing page was disappointing.

Just take a look:

Email on Mobile

The page was impossible to read, and require a lot of squinting, pinching, and scrolling. You can clearly see how small the text is if you compare it to the size of the items in my phone’s “header” info and atarax online the title of the email.Ai?? Not a good customer experience. And, had I not been waiting for my morning coffee, I probably would not have taken the time to respond.

How to Avoid the Squint and Pinch

Squinting and pinching is not something you want to force your customers to do (even if they do still clomiphene citrate, buy lioresal. mark ai???yesai??? as their response to your question about satisfaction).

So whatai??i??s a marketer to do? Create a landing page, optimized for mobile, for your feedback survey.

Optimizing for viagra buy mobile is as simple asai??i??

  1. Creating a custom landing page for your feedback survey.
  2. Using a single column design with short and straightforward text.
  3. Including a call to action button that passes ai???The Thumb Testai??? (i.e., itai??i??s big enough for a thumb to easily click ai??i?? about 44×44 Pixels according to Appleai??i??s iPhone Human Interface Guidelines )

Finally, use an Emulator Tool to see how your design might look on mobile. Here is a good example of such a tool:

And thatai??i??s it! Now it tadalafil buy online. it is just a matter of collecting feedback and communicating how much all of your customers love you.

About the Author

Jill Ferris is the Marketing Programs Manager for Response Capture, a Demand Generation Agency located in Portland, OR. You can read more about creating high converting landing pages and generating more demand for your business with integrated marketing campaigns on the Response Capture Blog.

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  1. Great article, Jill! I know it drives me crazy when I land on a page that clearly won't work on my iphone. I'm curious if you have any other recommendations to help us build better landing pages? Thanks, Shawn

  2. Thanks, Shawn! Could not agree more; it really ruins the experience (both for the visitor, and the brand experience). A couple other items to look for when creating mobile landing pages would be to: 1. Make sure the headline on the page is no longer than 16-24 characters; 2. Limit text to 50 characters per line; 3. In this example, the programmer could have expanded the “additional comments” box to fill the width of the screen; 4. Use the “thank you” page as an opportunity to link to another promotion or offer. Hope this helps! Thanks for commenting!