Barriers On A Website

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Although a listing position or pay-per-click ad copy are crucial parts of any search engine marketing campaign, equally important is the website your visitors land on. At times, what seems like a logical design from the ownera��s perspective creates unnecessary hurdles purchase dapoxetine for a website visitor.

This white paper from Enquiro looks Viagra Sublingual cheapest at different page elements and the instances where they can serve as barriers to a natural scanning of your website pages. From this report, youa��ll learn:

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  • How graphic elements get scanned by website visitors and how they alter a visitora��s behavior
  • How to prevent the introduction of multimedia elements from having a negative effect on your website conversions

From the website design perspective, graphics and multimedia elements often seem like an improvement. However, as this 9-page Enquiro study reveals, they can significantly buy prazosin cheap citalopram. disrupt natural web page scanning and negatively impact your bottom line.


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