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Microsoft has released a desktop blogging software called Windows Live Writer. The software, currently in beta, allows bloggers to post to Microsoft’s Spaces, as well as other services like Blogger and TypePad. Windows Live Writer claims to be so easy to use that absolutely no HTML knowledge is required from the blogger. Here is what CNET has to say about Windows Live Writer:

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The new software, which claims to be easy to use, features a WYSIWYG (what atarax without prescription buy lady era you see is what you get) interface as an alternative to the tag-laden HTML coding found in most Web-based blogging clients. Live Writer also is designed to facilitate the addition of pictures, maps from sister service Windows Live Local, and a variety of video and audio players.

Take Windows Live Writer for a spin here. Could Windows Live Writer fill the gap by making it easy to blog for people with no knowledge of HTML?

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  1. ContentWorth

    Writer can try to be the end all be all for non-HTML savvy users, but being that it is in beta I'm certain there will be bugs. And will a layman promised easy posting be willing to figure out those bugs?

    Plus, what WYSIWYG program is fool proof? I'd like to find one that is. Most require a general understanding so when you screw up you can fix the error.

  2. With blogging becoming more main stream, even small business owners are realizing the power to market and brand themselves by blogging, I can see how a tool like this could become popular.