Building a Large Audience For Your StumbleUpon Account


Over the last 2 months I have been a user on I have really enjoyed using this system as it gives me the ability to search the web and find truly interesting sites I would never have found using any of the major search engines. During my break through post “Google Filters, how to get around them and exploit their loop holes” I noticed the power of StumbleUpon for traffic and for inbound links and traffic. I immediately started searching for any information on how to build a power profile on StumbleUpon. I have since been able to get an audience reach of around 3563. This number is pretty decent and the power that comes behind this type of audience reach can drive serious traffic to your site.

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It’s very interesting to see how SEO is evolving into the “new school” form of search engine optimization. buy malegra Social media community leveraging has already had a large impact on effectively marketing, ranking and optimizing our SEO clients. StumbleUpon is relatively easy to harness and within a month or less you can have a powerful profile which can help you start sending traffic and links to any site you desire.

Below are 2 images that show you clomid online, zithromax reviews. how a stumble can effect your traffic.

stumble 1
pie chart stumble

So how do you do this? I zyban without prescription will give you eight steps to help you become a power stumbler.

1) Get as many friends as possible (limited to 200)
2) Stumble as much as you can. Give thumbs up – thumbs down and review pages.
3) Import Your contacts from gmail, yahoo and msn.
4) Share stumbles
5) Stumble upon is time based so the more thumbs up you get in a short period of time the better.
6) Network yourself with other stumblers
7) Enjoy yourself and become part of the community.
8) Stumble pages that are interesting and are overall considered a contribution to the community.

If you follow these steps then antibiotic buy you WILL create a power StumbleUpon account and WILL start leveraging this service to become a successfully new school SEO.

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Joe Whyte has been developing, managing and implementing successful, innovative, bleeding edge digital marketing strategies for Fortune 500 companies for over 7 years.

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  1. Lydia

    woe I had no idea stumbleupon can push that much traffic!!!

  2. I'm going to start working on building my profile that's alot of potential traffic!

  3. Really interesting article, thanks for that. I agree with your findings. In fact, I've experimented with different 'Social Bookmarking' sites and have most commonly been able to drive more traffic to my site from StumbleUpon. I've recently written an article about the merits of Social Bookmarking if anyone's interested. David Bain

  4. blah

    A consequence of SU's recent news popularity is that we're seeing more self-promoting Stumblers and spammers. I differentiate between the two, because generally the self-promotion types contribute something to the service. This website, however, I'm lumping in with the spammers. It's a how-to on exploiting what is, in my opinion, SU's weakest link - the Audience - as a marketing tool. Thumbs down to this and its creator; I'm doing my bit to reverse the trend he seeks to create.

  5. I never said anything about spamming and you must not have read #8 :-) which clearly says to stumble pages that are an overall contribution to SU. This is a more of a guide on how to build a large audience to help drive traffic to pages that SU members will read and find interesting. Its important to realize that as a SMO we MUST pick and choose what we will stumble because we cannot loose respect or in anyway hinder OUR account which would cause us to loose credibitily and community leveraging. I give a lot of credit to the SU community. I really doubte that I could build up a profile like mine if I was spamming the SU community. The option to give a user or site a thumbs down is what makes SU so great. If people use my tactics but don't contribute quality stumbles to SU then people will use that thumbs down option and the audience level will decrease. I appreciate your comment and the idea of keeping not just SU clean of spam but ALL social media sites clean of spam as we all hate it. I think you misunderstood the idea behind this article as SEO is moving towards a new direction which involves social media and SMO is a piece of new school seo weather you like it or not and there will be those bad apples that give us a bad name regardless. My article is not a guide on how to spam SU at all. I don't see the problem of using social media as a form of seo optimization if you do it without spamming and I think the majority of people will agree with that. I appreciate the change to clarify this post just incase anyone else felt this way. Thank you,

  6. A consequence of SU’s recent news popularity is that we’re seeing more self-promoting Stumblers and spammers. I differentiate between the two, because generally the self-promotion types contribute something to the service. This website, however, I’m lumping in with the spammers.
    This point gets at the heart of an issue that has been discussed fairly extensively by the SEM community in the past few months. Is self-promotion on social media sites like Digg and StumbleUpon spamming? I would have to say no. When we create some content that is going to be submitted, the first thing we consider is whether it is going to be of any value to people like you, the StumbleUpon users. This site got over a 1,200 unique visitors just from this post alone which goes to show that there are enough StumbleUpon users interested in this article. There will always be people trying to cheat and scam others. There will always be sites full of affiliate links, endless loops of AdSense ads or sites that collect your information to resell it to anyone who's willing to pay. And, yes, they will use SEM techniques, probably the same ones that are being discussed on this site. But does that necessarily mean that there are no honest people with great products who deserve to understand this marketplace better? Wouldn't you want to have a more balanced competition with a wider variety of products? I would.

  7. Thank you! Good artical.

  8. Thanks for this post. I'm new to stumbleupon and already like it, but I was wondering what it would be like to REALLY be involved with the community. I love stumbling to great sites I never would have found in search engines as well.

  9. I too have had recent success with SU. I created my MLM Leaders blog last week with about 6 pillar articles. Stumbled my 2 best articles and had nearly 400 visits the day my blog launched. This was with absolutely no other marketing. There is no denying the traffic that can be generated by SU. Time will tell how much of this traffic will convert to return visitors and subscribers, and how many links will come from it, but that is down to the strength of my articles I guess.

  10. StumbleUpon is nothing short of awesome. Sure, your pages can get picked up and visited again and again, but there is something absolutely cool about connecting with a community of web-savvy folks who appreciate this unique content finding device.

  11. Joe, thanks for your tips. It will be also interesting to read your ideas on how to succeed in Digg.

  12. I enjoyed this article and I did "Stumble" it with a thumbs Up! Keep up the good work!!

  13. Traffic is one thing, but it's so short-lived I question the quality of it. A few months ago an animation I created was stumbled well enough to make it onto the buzz page. 5,000 page views in two days. New RSS subscribers: zero. New newsletter subscribers: zero. I don't lay this all on StumbleUpon, my site design did not target RSS and newsletter conversions as well as it does now, and I haven't been stumbled like that since the redesign to determine if it was me or the traffic quality. Just something to keep in mind.

  14. Keep up the Good work! You did a Brilliant job with that article! I am now motivated thanks to you!!!

  15. I will use some of your tips to help become a power stumbler. Thank you!

  16. StumbleGenius Stumbling on thru, StumbleUpon thumbs up to you, hope to see you in more clicky stumble trips soon. Happy day merry seasons greetings an all that jazz. Read you later or tweet me on Twitter @StumbleGenius ... tweet you soon ???