Can You Support Your Mobile PPC Ads With Text Marketing?

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While not a pure online medium, mobile marketing is intrinsically linked to search thanks to the proliferation of mobile internet ready devices, the expanding use of Smartphones to search the internet and the Gold Vigra without prescription, buy lioresal online. popularity of mobile PPC ads on platforms such as AdWords.

Googlea��s own research (in its Mobile Movement Study published earlier this year) cheap dapoxetine found that a quarter of mobile internet users happily purchased via their Smartphone, some after physically visiting the store.A� More than half also said that they have made a purchase after using mobile internet to perform a web search.

With such a synergy between mobile, internet and web sales, ita��s worth investing a little extra time in mobile marketing. Ita��s so easy to use the medium Viagra Jelly buy to draw targeted traffic through to a mobile or traditional site a�� one way to approach it is to think of using a text message in the same way as youa��d use an email marketing campaign to encourage the recipient to click and visit your site. A SMS can work in exactly the same way as it arrives at the Smartphone and can be used to push that traffic through the mobile web to your own site or, specific conversion goal.

Herea��s a few ideas to buy motilium get you started integrating text marketing with your mobile websitea��

buy motilium 10mg cheap Hydroxyzine 1.A� Upgrades: If you sell a product that is upgraded at certain intervals, for example if you sell laptops or flat screen TVs, an SMS text when the latest version of the product is added to the site may drive those interested in having a newer model through to the site to make a purchase.

This can work for all types of industries a�� a boutique bed and breakfast hotel or B and B for example could mexican pharmacy adderall online. message when rooms are renovated or a restaurant or neighborhood bar, when a new menu debuts, serving to encourage recipients to load up their mobile browser and make a reservation.

2.A� Returning customers Viagra Super Active purchase : The same client database you use for email marketing can be put to work messaging those customers that you havena��t heard from for a while, providing you capture cell phone number when you gather email addresses. If you separate out your client lists into those who have made recent purchases and those who havena��t ordered anything in the last 12 months, you can SMS this second group with an incentive to return. This could be something as simple as a�?have you seen our 200 new productsa�� or something as promotional as 10% if you come back to usa��.

3.A� Request for Reviews: Reviews are a solid sales tools and there is no more powerful brand advocate than a happy customer. With Google pulling all non-Google reviews from its Places function, now is a great time to encourage clients past and present to leave a review. While you may not want to incorporate this message into your email marketing campaigns, ita��s succinct enough to be placed on an SMS marketing message. Whata��s more, you can include a link to your Places page so they can go straight from message to review in a matter of seconds. Chances are, if the recipient has a few minutes to read the text, theya��ll also have a minute or two to write a brief review, perhaps will commuting to work or waiting for a meeting to start.

4.A� Special offers: No form of marketing would be complete without a special offer promotion every now and again. Due to the immediacy of mobile marketing, you can offer very limited time offers such as 10% off if you order before 5.00pm today or, free shipping with every order placed in the next hour. Offers can also be more tailored to the medium a�� consider things like free iPad case with the first 50 orders made via the mobile site or, free Bluetooth headset to the first 20 people placing an order for X product quoting code a�?mobilea��. There are so many possibilities that you can be extremely creative, playing on the immediacy and portability of the medium.


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