Advertising Copy

Writing great advertising copy is a challenge for online marketers. Not only do you need to find the correct words and phrases to encourage potential buyers to purchase your goods or services, but you need to adhere to some pretty strict guidelines and rules. To make it even more complicated, the rules vary depending upon the venue on which you wish to advertise. For example, do you want to place some Google AdWords ads? You will need to keep your copy to “x” number of spaces, but switching the campaign to Bing may require a total revamp of length and allowable copy. Articles in this category will help you navigate the world of online advertising copy to ensure that your ads comply with regulations but also are compelling and effective.

Write Better Pay-Per-Click Ad Text

If youa��re already a pay-per-click advertiser, you will (hopefully) know the importance of writing good ad text. Knowing this and then being able to take an objective view of your current text is a big ask.

Writing SEO Copy That Sells

Therea��s an old saying that goes a�?first impressions counta��. If youa��re a website owner, looking to optimize your site for search engines but dependent on…

Are Customers Hearing You?

I am fascinated with the art and science of communication. It simply astounds me how human beings with all of our differing experiences, knowledge and…