Online Retail Marketing

Taking one’s products and services to an online marketplace is not as simple as transferring a successful brick-and-mortar strategy and management system onto the Internet. Retail marketing in an online environment involves different factors that must be taken into account, and online consumer behavior can be vastly different than one would see in a physical store. Yet many of the basic principles of successful marketing and sales apply online as well. To help you navigate through this complex relationship, posts in this category offer tactics, tips, and information on how to make best use of the unique aspects of online retailing.

Using Search To Avoid Site Abandonment


Wouldna��t it be nice if all consumers performed online product searches exactly the same way? Instead of guessing about search terms, ecommerce providers could simply…

What’s Ahead Online in 2012?

Synopsis — For online marketers, 2012 is sure to be a year full of intriguing opportunities, but also repercussions. James Thompson of Clix Marketing takes…

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