Building a reputation online for good products/services and excellent customer service not only helps make one’s business a success, but it builds into the branding of your business. Having your business become a brand name for a particular product or service is immeasurable in terms of the effect on your business — in effect, without the expenditure of any effort or costs, your product sells itself in the marketplace. As with most things concerning the Internet, branding can be easily and quickly affected by positive and negative factors and thus it is more important than ever to keep an eye on your brand and its online reputation. Specific actions on your site itself can help with branding efforts, and tips and how-to advice in this category will help you make the most of this opportunity.

Buying Brand: Why Trademarks Matter

Trademarks should mean a lot more to search marketing professionals than a company’s name, but do they? Many view their company or client’s trademarks as…