The Third Is The Charm: MacWorld

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I Female Viagra without prescription guess I will admit to being a convention junkie. I love going to all these conventions and seeing the latest gadgets and gizmos and especially the latest and newest technology. Case in point — my third convention in a row — MacWorld. Even though it’s for the general public, so not strictly an industry convention, it’s also a place where you see all kinds of weird and wonderful things.

First, I finally got to see iJustine in person, the little bit flaky YouTube star who does parodies of music videos from her bedroom and bathroom. She has one video with over 6 million views. Anyone with that kind of traffic I estrace without prescription respect!

Next was an amazing 5-foot long, completely flexible plastic solar panel that rolls up buy fluoxetine like a poster and with a 12-volt auto battery fully charged results in 5 hours of bright sunlight. $450.00 retail. No URL available.

Third item. You may have heard of the book The Secret? Where if you just imagine something, it will magically appear in front of you the next day?Ai?? Well, strange as it may sound, this actually happened to me. I was talking to a buddy about how I wanted a click keyboard for my iPhone two days prior to MacWorld and shazam! One appeared in the hands of a guy at a booth selling them to the MacWorld audience. Called the 4iThumbs (horrible name) it is a little plastic do-hickey that clips on top of your iPhone screen and allows you to have a real clickable keyboard on the hard-to-text keyboard that comes as part of the iPhone OS. $20.00 retail at

And finally, the most awesome and my favorite was the i-a-Peel (notice all the ai???iai??i??sai??i??). This is an amazing — but hard-to-explain — thingy where you print your coolest personal graphic on a sheet of printable sticky-backed plastic and then stick it to your iPhone or iPod. The plastic is pre-stamped to the exact custom shape of your device. The best part is that you can actually make the printed part of the sticker around the edge of your iPhone an extension of your iPhone screen saver. Make sense? So if your iPhone screensaver is a picture of the main part of your favorite car, you can set this up so that the rest of the image of the car will appear on the sticker on the edges of the front of your phone. This way, it looks like the sticker and the screen saver are one. Leaves no residue and you can change to a different one easily and quickly. Pretty cool, huh? $29.95 retail at

I can’t begin to list all the rest of the cool buy sildenafil, acquire lioresal. and amazing stuff on display at MacWorld. It restores my faith in human ingenuity :)

And on to the next xhamster viagra. convention.

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