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The July 4th JenSense column finds Jennifer planning some pretty interesting audiocasts on the Click This! show, with the theme of contextual advertising. She is still looking for some participants to share their PPC/AdSense experiences and, if she finds brave souls willing to speak up, these sessions will be something you should not miss.

Jennifer is looking for:

“Someone doing click arbitrage (buying PPC ads and hoping that traffic leaves with a buy cialis black click on your ads)

Supplementing northamericapharmacy. AdSense/YPN with affiliate income

Someone with a network of scraper sites (don’t worry, I won’t cheap nolvadex be on the “you evil person scraping…” side of things, but rather to talk about the nitty gritty of how it is done, the payoffs, any problems, etc…)

Someone suspended from AdSense/YPN who has been reinstated

Those who have written supplemental programs for AdSense/YPN to help (trackers, cheap sildenafil, cheap lioresal. stat checkers, etc. Sorry, “highest paying AdSense keyword lists” don’t count).

Anyone participating in a click circle (confidentiality definitely guaranteed on this one!)”

Confidentiality is assured in case you’re involved in one of the more dodgy practices. So, if you fit viagra online the bill, or if you’re just interested in the subject, check it out and watch for these upcoming shows.


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