Congress Attempts To Regulate Online Privacy With New Bill

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A new bill announced in Congress would require every website webmaster to delete information about visitors, including if the data is no longer required. The proposal fails to include search history as one of the types of data that should be deleted. The idea behind the bill is to restrict the amount of information about visitors that is being stored for no legitimate purpose. It fails, however, to define what “legitimate business purpose” is. More information about this legislation can be found at canadian 80 cialis generic. Baclofen for sale, zithromax online. CNet viagra online .

Seems to me like a totally useless piece of legislation. purchase baclofen Even if it passes, there isn’t much “regulating” that can be done with it, at least in its present form. Maybe politicians should just stick to homeland security and foreign policy? Just my two cents…

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  1. Boris

    It's interesting how they implied that the search terms stored by search engines can contribute to identity theft. Hard to see the connection.