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We are proud to announce the launch of our brand new service, SEMCompare, the first consumer-powered review site of Search Engine Marketing firms.

With hundreds of companies and a lack of accepted standards from which to evaluate them, choosing an SEM firm has been a confusing and overwhelming task. With SEMCompare, we seek to change that by empowering you, the consumer, with the tools and resources you need to effectively rate, review and compare companies.

In structuring the site we broke down SEM services into four primary categories: Search Engine Optimization, Pay Per Click, Social Media Optimization, and Copywriting. Most SEM services fit into one of the mentioned categories; however, more will be added in the future. We’ve already had over 150 companies reviewed in these 4 categories and it’s growing rapidly -there are already hundreds of reviews to check how can i get viagra cash, how can i get viagra cash, how can i get viagra cash, how can i get viagra cash, how can i get viagra cash, how can i get viagra cash. out!

One of the main concerns that was voiced about this site is the accuracy of reviews. Review sites of all categories have to deal with this Lasix reviews issue, from automobile review sites to digital camera comparison resources. Although no system is completely bulletproof, we take great care into ensuring that reviews posted on the site are genuine and accurate.

We deploy a number of tests and evaluation techniques internally, some of which are listed below:

1. All reviews submitted to us get screened by our staff before appearing on the website. Any questionable reviews are investigated further or rejected completely. For example, we may verify the domain name of the person submitting the review or check their name through LinkedIn and other sources to find the connection.

2. We use IP tracking techniques to prevent a single person from submitting multiple reviews of a given company.

3. We evaluate reviews and reviewers based on unusual spikes or trends in submissions sent to the site. One of our sister companies developed software to fight buy provigil click fraud, so many of the techniques developed and finetuned there, also apply to our reviews system.

4. Finally, users of the site can dispute reviews deemed suspicious through flagging. Every flagged Malegra without prescription, cheap zithromax. review will also be investigated further.

Of course, perfection has no limits and we will continually collect your feedback to improve the service. In the meantime…

* If you are looking to hire an SEM firm, you can:

- Research potential candidates on our site and see what their past users have said about them;

- Identify high-quality firms with good sildenafil over the counter. reputations and reviews for potential consideration;

- Utilize our VendorMatch service to get customized quotes from our featured vendors based on your project needs and goals.

* If you have used an SEM firm in the past or are currently using one, you are welcome to:

- Rate and review your experience with that company. It’s fully anonymous, takes just a couple of minutes and will be of great help to the community. Both positive and negative reviews are welcome.

If Viagra Super Active order you have any questions or comments about the service, simply respond to this post and we’ll follow up right away!

- Boris Mordkovich, Publisher
Search Marketing Standard


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