Content’s Rightful Dictatorship


“Content is King.” This was one of the maxims I recall from my earliest days learning Internet Marketing. Now – after more than eight years of experience and most recently while executing social media and link building campaigns, I can fully grasp the rightful dictatorship content deserves.

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I found a simple statement (I don’t recall the source so I apologize to the wise person who made it) regarding a critical need for great content to execute effective link building (and social media campaigns.) It read, a�?If you dona��t create useful content, you wona��t attract any links. How can you attract links if you dona��t have content worth linking to?a�? A simple yet profound statement. Whether for gaining social links like Stumbles or from mentions in blogs, great content makes linking building easier if not automatic.

Although all content has value, I believe there are multiple factors that make ordinary content extraordinary for link building and social media campaigns. These factors include: (1) content type like video, audio, text and images, (2) purchase valtrex content placement/accessibility, (3) clarity of message and (4) relevance to the reader and to the “time”.

Great content is easily consumed. buy apcalis For example, providing instructions on how to fix a leaking toilet is better via video than written language in order for the audience to see exactly what to do. Any one who has ever put together a computer desk from written instructions and engineer-created drawings would probably agree. In essence, the medium must fit the message.

Additionally the content must be relevant to either a Viagra Soft order current situation or a current need of the reader. If not, it blends into the background with the hundreds or thousands of other pieces of content bombarding people.

Finally, the content has to be found. Great content hidden under a basket has no opportunity to thrive. It needs channels to get in front of people.

Regardless, content is certainly king and I for one appreciate the value of great content. If you are interested, I found a good site that focuses on content that I believe is worth checking out at It offers some clear insights on the power of content.

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About the Author

Kevin Gold is Director of Internet Marketing at iNET Interactive, a social media company operating prominent online communities for technology professionals and technology enthusiasts. Kevin is a frequent contributing author to multiple publications including Search Marketing Standard, Practical eCommerce, DIRECT,,,, and On Target (Yahoo! Search Marketing newsletter).

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  1. Kevin...thanks for the mention. You are dead on with your comments. Businesses, to survive, must create a consistent flow of valuable, relevant and compelling content. Those are the new rules for marketing. Keep writing those articles about the need for great content. Best Joe Pulizzi Junta42

  2. Thanks Joe! is an excellent site too. I think you are positioned for some significant opportunities as social media grows and SEM continues to mature forcing great content to be in high demand. I recommend that everyone should subscribe to your free newsletter - very informative. Kindest regards, Kevin

  3. I don't recall saying "How can you attract links if you don’t have content worth linking to?” in those words. I think what I said at the SMX conference was "people don't link to crap unless they themselves are offering crap. In such a case we have what i scommoinly known as a 'linking crap-fest' ". Eric

  4. Thank you for the suggested site. I would subscribe to the newsletter right away...