Contributing to Search Marketing Standard

*** PLEASE NOTE: At this time, we are NOT adding any new contributors to Search Marketing Standard. Please check back in November to see if we are actively recruiting. Thanks! ***

Contributing to the Web (

  1. We require that all articles submitted be unique and have not been published elsewhere.Ai?? If your article is selected and posted, you may syndicate the same article to other publishers once two weeks have passed from the post date on
  2. Include your bio (no more than 40 words with only one hyperlink), as well as the email address associated with your avatar located at
  3. Your article must offer our readers clear, “practical” instruction or striking insights.
  4. Send the article directly to the editor-in-chief in Word format ai??i?? no PDF files, please. You may also submit an article for consideration via the contact form below. We offer no guarantee that submitted articles will be posted or published. Include relevant links in parentheses, next to the word/s to be linked. Do not embed links in a Word document.
  5. We do not publish press releases.
  6. Copyright is retained by the writer. Search Marketing Standard may, however, reprint your piece, with full attribution, in other Search Marketing Standard products and marketing materials.
  7. We do not pay for article submissions.

Contributing to the Magazine
We hand-select contributors to the magazine based on their market expertise and ability to write well.Ai?? By writing for, you may be selected to contribute to the quarterly magazine. Contact the editor-in-chief for additional information about contributing to the print magazine.