Convention Highlights — T.R.A.F.F.I.C.


The next stop in the “Mike Evans around the country Affiliate Marketing Convention Tour” was the T.R.A.F.F.I.C. convention for domainers. I didnai??i??t know what a domainer was the first time someone told me he was a domainer. Domainers are those people that just buy and sell Internet domains. That’s it. Buy a domain for seven bucks on GoDaddy and try to resell it for $20,000. Yes, they get that and more for just for a measly domain, but not just any measly domain.

Only 250 people paid the $2,000 each to attend, and only 10 companies showed up with booths to display their products in the convention area, which was a little disappointing. The highlight of the convention was the auction of domains held by the Rick Latona company. They had a real auctioneer just like a cow auction somewhere in Texas yelling out the prices in the lightning-fast cadence of a southern redneck on too much buy Vigora, clomid without prescription. buy levothroid caffeine. ai???$20,000, do I hear $21,000, $20,000, do I hear $21,000, $20,000, do I hear $21,000?ai??? he forced out of his mouth so fast he almost tripped over his teeth repeating it over and over and over.

cheap generic vardenafil. For a domain? Are you kidding? Some advice to those in Internet marketing. It is the traffic, not the domain, that is important. Sure, if you have an extra $80,000, you could have bought, or for seven bucks you could buy and drive traffic to it with the same results.

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The guys at the show told me they own domain portfolios with 5,000 and upwards of 100,000 domains each. As soon as the first time machine comes out allowing time travel back into the past, the first thing I am going to do is to go back and buy,,, etc. This is my idea, so donai??i??t please steal itai??i??

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The auction was going greatai??i??for about ten minutes. The idea was to have the room filled with buyers bidding the prices up and then have people from around the world bid into Red Viagra without prescription the auction live over the Internet. However, the technology for this technology conference did not quite make it and the auction was shut down after ten minutes and rescheduled for the next morning. By then, of course I had moved on to another convention.


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  1. Doing your research is important. I totally agree that Traffic is what makes a domain name worth buying. .-= Thomas´s last blog ..Good Content = Great SEO =-.

  2. I attended a domain auction (one and only) at the affiliate summit west about two years ago and sounds just like the same setup. Some of the type-in traffic you can get for a one-word (but those have crazy prices) is quite amazing. However, I think most are making money by "tasting" domains and working the long-tail by buying/tasting domains for a day and assessing traffic for adverts, and the returning the domain if unprofitable (obviously you have to taste a massive volume of domains to make this work). A quite interesting world