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Do they have a Conventioneers Anonymous? If so, I need to go to a meetinga��A� I am a convention junky. I LOVE going to conventions and seeing all the fun buy npxl new stuff. Recently while at Affiliate Summit West, I decided to also stop by the NATPE convention. That is the National Association of Television Program Executives.

There were some CRAZY products and companies here. Some of these may not apply directly to search marketing yet, but just give it a year or two.

Kaltura provides an open source online video platform. According to them, over 45,000 web publishers, integrators, and application developers use their free and flexible platform to add advanced video and photo functionalities. These include: uploading, importing, editing, annotating, remixing, publishing, syndicating, searching, monetizing, and monitoring. Kaltura’s open source code is available as a free Software Development Kit and as downloadable packages for leading platforms, including content management (Drupal), blogging (WordPress), collaboration (MediaWiki), enterprise (MindTouch), and education (Moodle).

Endavo’s slogan is a�?Syndicating The Planet.a�? Endavo enables planet-wide syndication of video content through their Internet TV Platform and global telco-TV partners. Planet-wide to PCs, Mobile, and IPTV. Reach your audience, right now. Today.A�Wow! Audiences want more content everywhere, and Endavo makes 3-screen (TV, PC, phone) distribution simple and faster with ways to monetize by allowing “more content in … more content out … and more social media features to engage an audience.” Your content, everyplacea��enabled by an Endavo Internet TV Platform and ready-made, planet-wide syndication.A�Wow again!

RAMP order viagra overnight. Viagra Caps without prescription, lioresal online. is about content optimization. It is an advanced Content Optimization SaaS platform providing video/text/audio/image publishersa�� workflow, discovery, and engagement solutions to drive monetization of online content to usersa�� search and browsing behavior. RAMP offers publishers an open, flexible and modular capability to optimize large amounts of content, including text, audio, video and images, within dynamic publishing environments. As a result, publishersa�� content becomes positioned for discovery and precise targeting, both on search engines and within publishersa�� own websites. Publishers using RAMP include FOXNews, NBC, and DowJones.

And now my favorite — if only for its name — Twistage. Twistage manages your relationship with the video ecosystem. No matter how much that ecosystem evolves, Twistage lets you keep your video workflow in place, regardless of which technology partners you keep, and which ones you dona��t. Massively scalable. Limitless customization. Streamlined. Online video workflowa��.with a twist.

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