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Okay, letai??i??s break these generic viagra super active 100mg. Internet Marketing conventions down one by one. Affiliate Summit West: 4,000 attendees. Growing by 50% every six months. Wow!

The only problem is the fact that the show has grown so fast that there was not enough space for all of the people and all of the companies that wanted to exhibit. I had to call up a bunch of friends until I was able to pay for half doxycyclin purchase a booth to share and only ended up getting one-third of the space crammed into a corner. But at least I was there, and we were mobbed.

Affiliate marketing IS taking over the world. Dr. Robert Cialdini, author of the seminal work on persuasion entitled, ai???Influence: The Psychology of Persuasionai??? gave an amazing keynote speech on ai???ethicalai??? influence, as opposed toai??i??

Bottom line on this powerful talk is the fact that if you use all of these generic dapoxetine, generic lioresal. techniques in your sales process, you WILL increase your sales. He gave the principles, now I am going to break them down for you so you can use them to increase your sales on the Internet.

1. Reciprocation

Be the first to give:

  • Service
  • Information
  • Concessions

This basically means that if you give someone something, they will feel BIOLOGICALLY obligated to reciprocate and give you something (a sale).

ACTION: Give away a free eBook or newsletter.

2. Scarcity – The rule of the rare.


  • Genuine Scarcity
  • Unique Features
  • Exclusive Information

The more fresh or exclusive information is, the more VALUE it has to your prospects.

ACTION: Give breaking news via Twitter or a consistently updated website. This will make prospects view you as a relevant, current source.

3. Authority

Establish position through:

  • Professionalism
  • Industry Knowledge
  • Your credentials

Credentials in your industry build your credibility and make buy levothroid people respect you more.

ACTION: Get solid credentials by writing for trade magazines, serving on industry panels and getting training

4. CommitmentThe starting point.


  • Small and build
  • With existing commitments
  • From public positions
  • Toward voluntary choices

Having people commit to something small, will lead them to commit to something bigger (a sale).

ACTION: Ask customers on one page what they want; money, success, etc. Then record their answer with a checkbox. Have the sales copy on the next page reflect their choice. For example, the second page of your sales process could say, ai???You mentioned you wanted MORE MONEY therefore you should consider our product to help you make MORE MONEY.

5. LikingMaking friends to influence people.


  • Similarities
  • Areas for genuine compliments

People albendazole australia, albendazole australia, albendazole australia, albendazole australia, albendazole australia, albendazole australia. want to buy from others like themselves.

ACTION: Use sales copy like: ai???I was once in your shoes, so I decided to tryai??i??ai???

6. ConsensusPeople proof, people power.

Unleash people power by showing:

  • Responses of many others
  • Others’ past successes
  • Testimonials of similar others

People want to buy products that they buy Priligy see other people like themselves using.

ACTION: Get REAL testimonials from REAL customers.

He calls these steps ai???ethicalai??? influence,” but I call it good business and even required business practice. If you think you can simply ignore these powerful techniques and simply ai???talk about what your product is best,ai??? you will be out of this business in a hurry. Maybe some of these techniques seem questionable, but if you look around, you will see them in ALL sorts of advertising and sales pitches, and the sooner you start using ALL of them in concert, the sooner your business will be exactly where you know it should.

Talk Soon,Ai?? Mike


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