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The most important think you need to know from this session is that Googleai??i??s Website Optimizer team is launching a contest (ends June 17th) called ai???Google Website Workoutai??? where theyai??i??ll pick four businesses to improve their websiteai??i??s ROI. They promise to give you their team of experts that will help you determine the page layout, headlines, images and text that will comprise your Website Optimizer test. Pretty cool, especially if you havenai??i??t done any A/B or Multivariate testing on your site or landing pages. Now for the recapai??i??.

Google Website Optimizerai??i??s Product Manager, Tom Leung was the first presenter and mostly covered the basics of setting up their test and a few case studies from Google and their partners. They have a plethora of resources on their site, which he directed the audience to for more detailed instruction:

For those of you that are more advanced to Google Website Optimizer, I would point you to their Advanced section which covers: testing for time spent on page, dynamic content, tracking post landing page navigation, form submission, and site wide changes among other topics.

Scott Brinker from vendedor metformin de mx, vendedor metformin de mx, vendedor metformin de mx, vendedor metformin de mx, vendedor metformin de mx, vendedor metformin de mx. ion interactiveai??i??s focus was on Landing Page 2.0, saying that they are more than a page and more of a creative experience design that can house rich media, interactive widgets and applications. The audience later asked if rich media was important to test and the panel consensus was if rich media is right for your audience and your page goals then yes, but otherwise itai??i??s not a good idea to test since rich media is a detractor and not the best thing for standard conversions.

He viagra purchase also talked about scaling your tests and not going overboard. He recommended focusing on horitzontal scaling by niche audience or vertical scaling by expanding the scope of what the landing page experience is. He said think of it as targeted microsites and conversion paths. You can also segment by geography, industry, pain point, role/indentity, desire, purchase stage, and knowledge.

Jonathan Mendez from RAMP Digital talked about the importance of optimizing the entire process from ad buy to landing page to conversion funnel. What are we communicating to them once they arrive and how do we get in their head? Jonathan has a great blog which I recommend adding to your daily RSS feeds.

Last to present was Rob Bergquist from Widemile who started out his presentation citing a recent study by Jupiter, which I didnai??i??t catch the title of, that basically said that marketers view the most important change in the conversions was to continue to test keywords, followed by landing page testing. He argued that we should be testing landing pages first. I would say that I agree with this comment, but also say that Jonathanai??i??s point about optimizing the entire process from keyword to ad to landing page to conversion process is the most important thing we can do.

The audience had some great questions, one about the role of heatmaps. Tom said that heatmaps are just another tool like the landing page optimizer tools and that they can be used in conjunction with landing page tests. He gave the example of using the heatmap to find areas that get a lot of eyeballs and clicks but that might direct to pages or actions that have a low conversion rate. Once that is defined, then the landing page optimizer tool can be used. The audience also asked when is it best to use Google Website Optimizer and when to use a paid tool. Rob said that if you havenai??i??t done any testing start with Googleai??i??s tool first and then move to paid tools since they offer more features and functionality. But that it also doesnai??i??t have to be an either or buy sildalis thing, you can use both tools.


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