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Different SEO Strokes For Different Folks: Ecommerce And Franchise

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When it comes to SEO, there isnai??i??t a ai???one size fits allai??? approach. There are certain aspects of SEO that should be covered regardless of the type of company you run, but these aspects can sometimes change slightly based upon the type of SEO youai??i??re working with. The term ai???type of SEOai??? isnai??i??t widely used in the industry, but it makes sense nonetheless. There are different types of SEOai??i??ecommerce, franchiseai??i??because there are different SEO methods you should follow based upon your company.

The Different Types of Companies That Require Different Types of SEO

There are certainly many, many different types of companies out there, but when it comes to SEO there are two types of businesses that arenai??i??t singled out: Ecommerce, franchise. These are the terms we hear often, and itai??i??s important to understand the differences when it comes to SEO and the idea that they should not always be grouped with other SEO advice. Viagra Professional cheap In case you are unfamiliar, below explains the differences between these two terms:

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1. Ecommerce – An ecommerce company is a company that sells products via the Internet and accepts transactions over the Internet. Amazon and even iTunes are considered ecommerce, or electronic commerce, type businesses.

2. Franchise – A franchise is when one person or a group of people gain permission by a company to open up another branch and market that company in their local area. The rights are usually sold to what is called a ai???franchisee.ai??? A few popular franchises include Dominoai??i??s pizza and McDonalds.

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As stated above, itai??i??s important to realize that not every type of company will fall into one of these three buy provigil categories. Some companies are small startups, large corporations, etc. that do things a bit differently, but these three are the three terms that often get ignored when discussing SEO.

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Link Building Considerations for Your Type of Company

The easiest way to build links back to your company website is through guest posting; however purchase Lasix there are a few other tactics such as earning backlinks naturally, through press releases, and getting listed in directories. Below are some of the differences to keep in mind when thinking about this SEO aspect:

1. Ecommerce — Ecommerce sites have to really prioritize all of their different page types (category pages, product pages, etc.). This means that extra time should be put into keywords and anchor texts. You have to spend your time trying to decide where your business stands in terms of competition and number of writers and resources. For example, if youai??i??re a new business, linking back to the homepage might be best. You also need to consider which pages are bringing in the most traffic, have the highest conversion rates, etc. This is something every business should do, but itai??i??s particularly trick and should be given special attention for ecommerce sites.

2. Franchise — You have to decide if each individual franchise is going to build backlinks or if this is something that should be done at the national level. I generally recommend putting link building in the hands of the corporate branch so that everything remains consistent and organized. This means that instead of building links at each individual location for every individual location, you should have one overall link building strategy. Create one master sheet tracking your links and guest posting ventures, and only share it with those earning these links.

On-Site Optimization for Your Type of Company

Optimizing your site for search engines involves quite buy Female Cialis online cheap, purchase clomid. a bit of on-page optimization. Optimizing your website has everything to do with internal linking, category setup, breadcrumbs or other vertical linking, etc. Some of the differences in this aspect include:

1. Ecommerce — Customer reviews are very important when it comes to on page optimization for users. This is what people want to see, so you need to have these included either under different tabs (preferably), different links, or right on the page. It also makes sense to have product videos for your users. Itai??i??s important to remember that your product pages are also usually landing pages, so itai??i??s important to make sure you have a call to action or a place to go next. Actually optimizing your pages for keywords isnai??i??t quite as important here because your keyword will be everywhereai??i??itai??i??s really more about the users.

2. Franchise — Once again, you have to decide if each of your franchise branches is going to be in charge of this aspect. Usually if your franchisees have their own websites they will, otherwise itai??i??s up to you at the corporate level (usually the former). Either way, there are a few things you have to keep in mind: First, you should have a content management system (CMS) that caters to the needs of franchises. Second, you will need to make sure that the title of all of your different websites matches the keywords that each particular location wants to rank for. A general ai???Amandaai??i??s Bakeryai??? isnai??i??t as optimized as ai???Amandaai??i??s Bakery Carlsbad | Best Cookies in California.ai???

Do you have any betnovate cream without prescription. tips about ecommerce, franchise, or local SEO? Let us know your thoughts and your experiences in the comments below.

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