Digg Is Up For Grabs – Any Takers?

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Digg is up for grabs for a mere $150 million. Why not a gazillion dollars? That’s what all the other social networking and search services seem to be worth these days. And why aren’t Google, Yahoo! and Microsoft lined up ready to make their offers? So far only News Corp. seems to be interested.

Personally, I’ve never been impressed by Digg and its results. A lot of ridiculous stories make it to the front page. And with services available that offer to submit your story and vote on it for a few cents per vote, buy clomid Digg is the last thing I’d ever use as an authoritative source for judging something.

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For whatever reason, the idea that results are regulated by the whole community does not seem to be working, at least with Digg.com. I guess crowd psychology comes into play and when users see a story with a lot of “diggs”, they feel pressure to push that “vote” button. Viagra Sublingual cheap The end results are not pretty. Digg needs a few good moderators/editors, similar to those at Wikipedia.

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