Digital Edition of Search Marketing Standard Spring 2012 Edition Now Available

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The Spring 2012 edition of Search Marketing Standard magazine is now available.

Along with our traditional print version of the magazine (which has just mailed), we now offer a digital version as part of our Vigora for sale, buy dapoxetine. premium content subscription offering.

If you wish to sign up for the magazine, please go here for more information. Once you click on the subscription button, you will be taken to the subscription page where you will create an account as part of the process so that you can receive an email notification of our next issue (Summer 2012).

Current pricing for the print/digital edition is $34.99 (international subscribers will Lasix reviews have an additional shipping charge added during the subscription process) and $29.99 for the digital-only edition — both include access to our premium online content.

This issue is filled with a collection of thoughtful buy viagra and practical advice on a variety of topics centered around online marketing, written by industry leaders. Featured in this, our 24th issue, are the following:

  • “Social Media and Content Synergy” an Interview with Rob Garner of iCrossing
  • “What’s Ahead Online in 2012″ by James Thompson and Assorted Contributors
  • “The Upcoming Collision Between SEM And Display” by David Rodnitzky
  • “Fatten Up Your Website By Avoiding Thin Content” by Rebecca Appleton
  • “A Step-By-Step Approach To Successful Content Marketing” by Tim Breen
  • “5 Ways Mobile Will Disrupt Your Business” by Tom Shapiro
  • “In Rare Form: Best Practices For Online Forms” by Kim Krause Berg
  • “Exposing The Real Deal: Must-Know Daily Deals Advice” by Matthew Young
  • “Parlez-vous Pay Per Click? Da, Hai, Si, Oui” by Christian Arno
  • “Call Tracking: The Missing ROI Metric” by Irv Shapiro
  • and from the SMS Staff …
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    • the 6thAi??Nuts & Bolts of SEO series on “Website Logs And Search Engine Spiders”
    • Industry Stats
    • A 2-page Calendar of Events (also downloadable from our website)
    • Editor’s Picks – Tools for Content Curation

A Premium Subscription is required to view the benicar. digital magazine.

(Note: You must be a premium subscriber and be logged in to view the digital issue. If you already have a premium subscription, log in with your username and password, and then click on the link below (VIEW THE DIGITAL MAGAZINE) to access the Winter 2011/2012 digital issue. If you are not yet a subscriber, and wish to sign up, click here. Then go to the payment page to enter the remaining delivery and payment information. Current print/digital subscription price is $34.99 with an additional shipping charge for international orders and $29.99 for a digital-only subscription for a 1-year period. Your first print issue will be the Summer 2012 one.)


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(Note: You must be logged in to view the digital Viagra Sublingual cheap doxycyclin without prescription issue.)

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