Dissecting Your SEO Clienta��s Revenue Mix


I see a lot of SEO companies failing to put this technique into place. When a client signs up for a service a couple things tend to happen: 1) the SEO company will do keyword research, breaking into the top echelon of highest trafficked search terms, and provide them to their clients as keywords the company will target 2) The SEO company will NOT target the correct words by simply looking at the page for relevancy, and will conduct their SEO services accordingly. If buy viagra this sounds familiar, please contact your SEO company immediately because they are not focusing on your companies needs.

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OK, so maybe my first paragraph got you thinking. Well that’s good. I love to make people think. Anyone in the industry knows that natural search optimization can take a while. If results tend to take a while then why not start marketing words that are going to push more sales or conversions for your clients by determining what their current revenue mix is?

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Let’s say I’m working on an ecommerce store that sells electronics. I will start by asking my client what items on there ecommerce store buy valtrex online bring in their highest percentage of revenue, not sales volume. By doing this I have focused on giving my client the highest return on investment as soon as possible.

I will usually take the top 3 products or services from this revenue mix and develop my pay-per-click campaign, social media campaign, on Viagra Sublingual cheap page and off page SEO, and link development campaigns closely around the highest percentage of revenue for my clients. What I normally do for my clients is additional keyword research to help find highly trafficked keyword terms. However, I always make sure to get their revenue mix based on percentages.

This technique seems easy enough but I see this happening all over the web. If you are a SEO client Intagra for sale, lioresal reviews. and have never been asked about your revenue mix (based on percentages) by your SEO company then call them and ask them why.

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  1. I do not always agree with my client. They often get confused with keyword and general terms. What I prefer to do is to find out proper relevant keyword and then give client a list of keywords which I think will suit them. After consultation we finally narrow down on the list to work out along the line.

  2. I agree. I do the same thing. However when I put together this list I want to find out what products are bringing them the highest ROI and I will develop a keyword list based on those products along with my suggestions on keyword terms that will bring them a high amount of traffic and conversions.