Do Meetings Help Your ROI?

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Meetings suck. Let’s face buy dapoxetine it: we’ve all been in one of those meetings that goes on and on seemingly forever. What if we had to be accountable to the sheer time and money wasted by these life draining events?

I’m fascinated by productivity. The little buy zoloft online cheap, acquire Zoloft. things really do make a difference.

Meetings can be a good way of communicating information galporn. across a team, but often it’s a fail.

What if we didn’t Viagra Professional without prescription have meetings at all? Could you go cold turkey?

Jason Fried , founder of 37 Signals advocates for dropping that Monday morning meeting. generic nolvadex Things will still get done.

Ok, so maybe some of you aren’t that extreme. Ia��m not advocating for getting rid Viagra Professional buy of all meetings (yet) but how do you get a handle on things without sucking the life out of your team?

Be accountable and keep it short. Only have order domperidone online meetings when you really need to. This infographic, courtesy of SalesCrunch should open your eyes to some shocking stats in the world of meetings.

Dona��t Suck At Meetings [Infographic]
A� 2012 SalesCrunch

Ever been to a good meeting? Let us know about buy zyban online it in the comments.


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