“Dude, Your Dell’s Got A Google (Toolbar)”

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I’ll be blogging along with Andrey here, although not as often (about once a week), so if you have any comments for me, I’d love to hear them. For now …

Well, get used to it. You’re going to be hearing “Dude, you got Google” a lot in the next few days. A lot of media writers are using the popular “Dude, you got a Dell” slogan and replacing “Google” isoniazid manufacturer in india. for “Dell” this weekend, as news of an agreement between Google and Dell spreads.

Microsoft laid down the gauntlet recently with its various announcements of how much capital they intend to put into attempting to push Google off the buy motilium search landscape and which approaches they intend to take. So it’s little surprise that Google has countered with a little surprise news of its own.

Although many rumors of a possible Google-Dell partnership have circulated online for a number of months, the official announcement could not have been timed much better – right at the point where the hubbub Viagra Soft online, buy clomid online. about Microsoft’s announcements was starting to calm down so that Google’s newest alliance could claim front and center spot on everyone’s radar.

Basically, the deal is a multi-stage partnership of which not all the details are (of course) yet available. It will begin will all Dell computers coming off the assembly line Viagra Sublingual without prescription being equipped with the Google Toolbar and a co-branded homepage. Rumors of the Google Pack showing up next on Dell computers are also swirling around.

Although it’s early days, the comments I’ve seen are not very positive about this arrangement. However, we saw the same negative reaction when Microsoft announced a similar situation with having the MSN Search box as the default for the newest version of Internet Explorer. Over-reaction mostly consisted of people assuming they would have to jump through hoops to change the default on IE, or perhaps would not be able to change it at all, and the same is the case with the Google/Dell deal.

Luckily for Google, the Microsoft IE controversy taught them to let people know up front that although Dells will come with the Google software installed, it can easily be “turned off”.

Still, if you worked for a corporation and your job is customizing desktops for each new computer you got from Dell, I can see why you might not be too happy with one more app that you have to remember and take the time to disable if your corporation doesn’t wish to imply they prefer Google for corporate use.

We’ll have to let the dust settle a bit in acquire Antabuse order to see how the industry as a whole reacts to this new venture. Sometimes it seems like you’re watching a tennis match, with the ball going from one player back to the next, never knowing if the next serve is going to be an ace or not but, after all, doesn’t that just make it all the more interesting?


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