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I wrote a week or so ago about customer reviews and wanted to follow-up that post with some new research…

In Revenue Magazine (July/August 2007, pg.104) an article titled “Reviews are Good” provided some interesting insights from recent customer Red Viagra buy review studies. Two key points were:

  1. A study by MarketingSherpa and Prospectiv showed that, “almost six in 10 respondents “strongly” or “somewhat” preferred sites with product reviews written by peers.
  2. A case study from PETCO presented that, “products that were rated in the top percentile converted at a 49 percent higher rate after PETCO added customer reviews to its site and that these shoppers spent 63 percent more after viewing the ratings section.

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I find the greatest challenge for small businesses is gathering and presenting customer reviews on thier sites within a usable format that enhances a customer’s web experience. Most third party systems like PowerReviews.com are currently out of economic range for buy motilium most small businesses while many lower-end e-commerce systems may have customer review modules but the user experience is not very effective.

Anyone have a good 3rd party solution for adding customer reviews? I spoke to PowerReviews.com and they are apparently developing a small business cheap prednisone solution for late 2007, early 2008.

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  1. Why yes I do...I work for PowerReviews and we offer a full scale customer review offering with clients of all sizes from Staples to Toys R Us to Consumer Reports. We've been in business since 2005. You should check out a great ROI success by an innovative retailer named NetShops.com. It was compiled by the Univ. of Nebraska about. Check it out: http://biz.yahoo.com/bw/070711/20070711005606.html Cheers, Jim

  2. I co-founded Reevoo. We collect and publish genuine, impartial and independent customer reviews for retailers small and large, including major UK household brands such as Dixons and small niche web based businesses. We publish all product reviews good or bad and only allow people who have actually bought a product to write a review.